One of these Days…

It was one of these days where nothing goes right.

I had played Age of Conan before and was in a raid with a guy having the stupid name Gandalf (character from Lord of the Rings) nagging me.

Then I decided to go to World of Warcraft. I had some nice conversation with Scorpyo and Nimrasil and thought: “Hey this might still become a fine day”, wrong thought.

After a short break I went to Zul’Drak to farm some borean leather. And as if Gandalf, already called Schandalf, hadn’t been enough I met Karlwarr with his rogue Siegheil, pardon, Siegrogue. He ganked me and went on to roam in the area where I wanted to farm, I rezzed and he ganked me again.

So I called Scorpyo with her rogue Silah to help, knowing she is a very experienced PvP-Player and could probably help me. She killed Siegheil, pardon, Siegrogue and everything seemed fine.

Wrong thought again. A guy named Karlwarr whispered me how pitiful I was to call a guildie for help. Not willing to accept that he had been defeated by Silah he kept whispering me and whispering me about alliance cowards, delicious flesh and not being insane. I finally told him his psycho-war was kind of odd and put him on ignore.

This is another great example how hordes on the Molten-WoW-Server Ragnaros behave like disgusting idiots and blame people for things they just did themselves 5 minutes ago.

And yes: Later I was ganked by a guildie of Karlwarr and I could not tell him how pitiful he was because I already had put him on ignore.

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