Darnassus under attack… Really?

Well, yesterday night… rather this morning, Nim and I were very tired and agreed to go to bed early. After a funny little dungeon and a drink with Meteron, I just wanted to check business with all my ladies before logging off.

When I arrived to my AH character, who is in Darnassus, I could see: Darnassus is under attack.

So I went to see what it was.

Two paladins, who had the very inventive names Cptdynasty and Captdestiny (no comments!) were in the Temple of the Moon, trying to take down the leader.

Should I stay or should I go?

It was late, it was close to 02:00 AM (Jerusalem time), they were two, I was one… Unless Nim had enough energy to come? Baaah? wasn’t it too late?

When I told Nim that there were two Hordes in Darnassus: You want me to switch to Laylael? she asked.

I switched to Silah and I knew, we wouldn’t go to bed early as planned…


I kept them busy with Silah, hitting and fleeing. I made three succesfull rushes and escaped their hits. So one of them (don’t remember which one, when people have so moronic names, how could you possibly distinguish one idiot from another?) whispered me something like: Why U keep running stop.

Then Laylael arrived, we were grouped. When I got closed, I got caught in an AoE, and this time, the two courageous paladins managed to hold me stunned and kill me. Laylael tried to heal but she couldn’t catch up. Big advantage was, that the two inventive blood-elves didn’t see her at all, so they still thought I was alone.

Rez, and change of tactic.

One was healing, the other was hitting… So we agreed to take one each.

We came closer and then we made our move.

I was finished with mine a bit before Laylael was finished with her coward. He was running away (this is what horde does best right after ganking on this realm). But we caught up with him and he went down.

Then I whispered “lol” to the one of them and “a bit more difficult one on one than to hit an NPC or being 2 on 1, right? You look very nice with our banner up your a s s. We ‘re gonna put it on our website. Please come back, noob

Would you believe it? They did come back. Not only one time, but three times! And we got them every time again.


The second time, outside, the second CaptainNoob got the banner up his backside. I whispered him too, that he was really cute with the banner there.

The third time, they rezzed inside the Temple… Each in one end. How clever! I imagine they wanted to confuse us?

We just went first to one, then to the second… Slam slam. Piece of cake. Since Laylael also can stun, neither of them had the possibility to react.

The last time, it was only one of them who came back. He rezzed outside of Darnassus and got in… With his mammoth! How inconspicuous.

This time, Silah was so fast that Laylael didn’t even have time to arrive there.

Then they went were all horde go when they are whiners: Dalaran -> Orgrimmar.

One of them was still in Dalaran, so we went to him there. He was in the Horde’s bank. We mocked him, /chicken’ed him, laughed at him and I planted the banner right in front of him, so he remembered.

He went outside to sit on his mammoth…

Big guy.

Of course, the adrenaline was really high on us two so we didn’t log off before around 06:30 (Nim) and 08:00 (me).


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