Trieste to Killed Horde DK: Well, I’m a Granny – What Do You Want?

Yesterday, I went out to do the Dalaran dailies with Trieste. The fishing daily sent me to Sholazar to catch a fish. I got it on the first throw, spotted a horde, but he disappeared.

Then I wanted to HS to turn in the quest, but stopped right in the action. I thought: “Why should I waste all that time, flying to Sholazar to catch a fish, and then go right back? Why not roam a bit to see if there are hordes around?”

And so I did.

A few minutes later, I spotted one, just before I left Wintergrasp. He disappeared, re-appeared, and in guild chat I asked Scorps if she knew where he could be, based on the mobs I could see him target.

Yes, said Scorpyo. He’s inside the cave, you see right after crossing the border to Dragon Blight.

I landed and entered the cave. I saw an alliance druid leaving the cave and hoped that he hadn’t killed the horde.

Then I saw the Death Knight, Zenix. He was standing on a platform a little above me. I stopped and stared at him, trying to figure out how to get up to him. I started crawling, but went nowhere.

He then committed a very noobish error that was all to my advantage. I mean, he could have sent all kinds of diseases after me down there, even his ghoul, and I wouldn’t have been able to do a lot. But noob as he was, he started out with a Death Grip.

While I flew through the air, mentally thanking him for this move, I dotted him. The moment I landed, I shielded and send a harsh spell after him. While I was preparing for the next spell, he started getting out his Army of Death.

That didn’t disturb me much. I had a plan, and I followed it, so I kept working on him with my spells, shielded, healed myself when necessary, and in no time, he was dead. Together with Da Boys (his army).

He didn’t reappear, but while I went for the exit, I saw another DK inside the cave. Grommarsh. He looked at me. I looked at him. Then he attacked.

He got my health a lot down, and I was healing myself a lot more than with the first DK. The alliance druid, I saw leaving the cave earlier, came back when the DK was almost dead, but I had lost a lot of health myself. He hit the DK, and we took him down.

The DK whispered me:

“Sorry pal”

“No need to be sorry. I killed you.”

He then asked if it made me feel like a real man.

“Certainly not!”, I replied. “I’m a woman.”

“Oh, well done, then. But noobish to have to be 2.”

“I didn’t invite him.”

He resurrected and came back. I stood still and looked at him. He went further away, still not with much health. We whispered together, while he walked. Then he stood still. I waited for him to either attack or leave me alone.

Then he took out his army of death, and I attacked him. He was down in a second.

It turned out that he had attacked the druid with his army, not me.

Again he whispered and complained that this was 2v1. I answered: Well, I’m a granny. What do you want? – But he had already logged off.

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