PvP is More Than Just Gear

(27/12-2012) – Today, I was leveling up my herbalism and inscription on my level 31 warlock, Meille. After my skills reached 100, I was headed for Ashenvale, and since I was in the neighborhood, I went to Ratchet to finish a warlock quest.

I got the quest item and was on my way to turn it in, when I noticed a lvl 25 troll shaman. Since we were inside Ratchet, I didn’t keep an eye on him. Just noticed that he was there.

Then I discovered that a totem was attacking me. To my huge surprise, he had planted one totem (one!), and it was sending some spells at me. I also discovered that he was sending spells at me. I was still puzzled by this, but automatically started to send him damage over time spells, and more immediate ones.

He kept where he was and kept firing at me. I responded, and his health went down with increasing speed. Just before he died, I figured I would send some fear his way to make sure that he didn’t flee or heal, but there wasn’t even time. He died. Standing there beside his sole totem, he died miserably. That was the end of Trolollollol.

An NPC came after me, so I ran off and started to heal myself.

Then I thought about the whole thing. Why did he attack me? After all, he was only lvl 25, and I was 31 (maybe 32 at that moment). Oh, yes, he had higher health than me (almost 1,000 against my almost 800). That could have been why he dared to attack.

Oh, or maybe my gear? I checked my character and discovered that my chest and legs were level 13, I wore only one ring, the gloves were grey, and the boots didn’t even show a level. They had five armor, no intellect, stamina or anything. Obviously, I wore neither necklace or hat.

So with my noobish gear, I must have looked like an easy victim.

I met the troll a while later. He had leveled up, and was now 31. I was 33. He pretended not to see me, so I laughed at him and continued on my way through the Barrens.

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