Nice Little Titanium Node Honey Pot

(25/05-2012) – Shadel was out roaming… I mean, mining.  First in Wintergrasp, where a warlock tried to kill me, but he got killed himself by a Draenei shaman, he hadn’t seen.

Pity 😉

Then in Sholazar.

I noticed a blood elf paladin, who were mining on the same route as me, but I was slightly ahead. Once I let him see me land beside a saronite node, and then I stealthed. He stayed over me for a while on his flying mount, probably considering whether or not to go down and take his chances with a  stealthed rogue.

He chose to continue.

I saw him again a little later. Again, I was ahead of him and could mine.

Then I was all alone for a while, and since my poison just expired on both blades, and since I had almost 100 saronite ores, I decided to go home to Dalaran.

But then I spotted a titanium node, and I took a fatal decision.

I landed, used the Shift-key while I mined, and left one crystallized earth inside the node.

Then I stealthed and put poison on my daggers.

I didn’t have to wait for long.

About 30 seconds later, my friend, the blood elf paladin, landed and started to mine. Cinderion, was his name.

I didn’t let him finish his job. Ambushed him, and used a finisher.

He used a bubble and healed himself, so I stealthed again, ready to hit, when he was finished. He tried to run away, but I shadowstepped him, and kept hitting him.

A few seconds later, it was over. He lied dead before my feet.

I resisted the temptation of emptying the titanium node, flew up, went to Wintergrasp, and from there directly to Dalaran.

That was an awesome trap. I so wish that I had recorded it all. It could have been fun to watch again. It felt very good to have worked out this trap, caught the blood elf, and won.

The decision I took was fatal, yes, but not fatal for me.

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