My level 18 hunter took a level 24 priest down – she started!

(19/06-2012) – I enjoyed a really satisfying PVP encounter yesterday. I was there with my level 18 hunter, minding my own business in Ashenvale, trying to reach level 19, when I saw an alliance in front of me, riding an elekk.

We passed each other, I walking, she riding.

Luckily, I had Track Humanoids on, so I discovered that the ally had stopped and turned back. I also stopped and turned around, and saw the ally fighting my spider pet and killing it.

This meant war!

I noticed that the ally was a priest level 24, but I also saw that she had lower health than me. (I should have checked mana instead, but I forgot that in the heat of the moment.)

So I fired back on her. I used all my two shots, maybe even a bomb, and slowly I took her down, although she kept healing herself. I even forgot that I could have silenced her, when she was healing.

Down she went. Dead. I walked away, revived my pet, and felt really proud. My level 18 hunter took down a level 24 priest. That’s 6 levels of difference. And I did it with a nice clean conscience since SHE started!

Ha, that’ll teach her!

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