The most stupid ganker of the year – October 2022

The most stupid ganker of the year – Oktober 2022 - Illustration(05/11-2022) – How time goes by! We are now already in November, the year is soon over. I guess my next ganker of the year will cover November and December and then we’ll find out, in January 2023 who is the most stupid ganker of the year.

But we are not there yet.

Let’s see what happened in October: Pretty much standard stuff, weaklings bothering lowbies. Some losers have to be level 80 and BiS (Best in Slot – meaning: With the finest and best gear possible to have) to dare to kill level 25 players or to kill some under-geared or AFK level 80.

When they meet me, or us, they get their asses kicked, our flag up their ass and they cry. In case I kill them in 1 v 1, they log off and wait for a friend so they can 2 v 1 me (and sometimes, it doesn’t even work since their friend is as lousy a player as they are). If we 2 v1 them, we are unfair (because it is fair to kill an AFK or a player 40 levels below), but if they 2 v 1… it’s fair of course!

All right, let us see the nominated for this month of October. The number between parenthesis is the number of time the ganker got killed, not only in October).

Alliance: Afie (3), Annielegna (4), Banshiee (3), Bebsiicle (6), Chinnito (5), Hdelemental (1), Kiraplik (1), Larind (3), Moogli (140), Nenehatunn (1), Olegsis (5), Olexis (4), Piala (1), Putindeeznut (12), Putlina (3), Romick (2), Shelayla (2), Superbadass (3), Taraji (2), Vashli (4), Whyrunnin (12), Yoinktrihard (1).

Horde: Agronius (2), Doneralol (2), Emirates (3), Ewerly (2), Haniapl (3), Imout (1), Itsbeecharka (1), Jonklow (2), Lakea (2), Mcnabstab (8), Muscarine (3), Ozdemir (2), Pownytail (10), Pvvnage (13), Ragnares (1), Rroogg (1), Shanize (1), Twinkiny (5), Zazalord (2), Oldanakl (1), Wolugg (3) (disappeared), Zxzzssxs (2)

Now let’s start with…

Third place – Bronze

One more time, the third place goes to Agronius, the “purger”.

I still have him on my spy and I saw he was in Westfall. He has been polishing his ego in Sentinel Hills before by killing the flight master (oh! Boy! Oh boy! A lvl 65… Elite!) and questgivers (lvl 15, I think they are) and whatever lvl 10 – 15 who is so unlucky to be flagged for PvP (an authentic hero, as you can see). So I went there with my paladin, Mazzie.

I landed. He saw me land.

I came, I saw… him riding away!  He rode quicker than a fart on a curtain rod.

Back then, he wrote a whole story on Facebook as an answer to my article (here) – you can see a screenshot of his “answer” here (I skimmed it, it’s not worth reading in depth, honestly) and one of his arguments for not daring to meet me was that we were two.

Well… This time, I was all alone. And he knew it since he saw me land… But still… Oh well, I had a good laugh. A coward is a Coward, right, Shala (his real name and here is his Facebook)

So for this coward, a third place 🙂


Second place – Silver

The second place is going to Olegsis/Olexis. The one is a weak druid, the second one is a tank and weak death knight.

The guy goes with his druid in Freewind post and kill lowbies and flight master. If I come with my rogue and kill him, he then comes with a 40k death knight with army of death and all to “trash the place” (I don’t see the point but maybe he does). Since I can’t take him with my rogue (I tried and took him down to 50% which I am proud of, but it was only to see how much I could do, I then run away when I see it smells like a body bag).

Then I came with one of my paladin, and things then get more complicated for him. He still wants to kill  the flight master (and he manages to, but I don’t care since he respawns after 2 minutes) and then tries to run away.

He managed to run away a couple of times, but… He didn’t manage five times. I must admit he killed me once. I made a mistake and was writing 23838883aaa in the chatbox, wondering why I couldn’t hit him anymore. Too bad, but shit happens.

Honorable mentions

Afie, an alliance shadow priest ganking in Crossroads. I killed him several times with my hunter and, especially, with my rogue (Mazal). He is quite slow to understand it and keeps on rezzing and coming back.

Annielegna, also a priest (discipline/shadow), coming to gank regularly on Freewind Post, especially when she can help some other ganker. I don’t know who Annie Legna is supposed to be, but this player is so bad, that I thought it might be an ex-boyfriend making some revenge-noob to destroy the reputation of his ex-girlfriend. That is how bad this player is! When I checked on armory, I saw she had over 54k honorable kills and a rating of 1750 in 2v2. I guess she got her “honorable kills” by killing AFK and low geared in Freewind post and/or Tanaris and was carried through 2v2. Otherwise, I don’t see the interest if you’re that good at PvP to gank such places and to be that bad while fighting another lvl 80.

She was the priest who helped Whyrunnin to try to kill me. She ended up with 40% HP, him, likewise and I ran away. They never got me.

Maybe this person bought this character with achievements and stuff.

And now, the time has come to see who gets the gold…


First place – Gold

And the gold and first place goes to… Pownytail the pathetic!

He is a Death Knight (30k Death Knight, so… not helpless!) and he got an honorable mention last month together with his friend “Ewerly”. He is now with another priest friend (so Ewerly changed name), still ganking Lakeshire and still getting killed by my rogue, Sheket, when he is a bit too far away from him.

Last time was no exception… Almost!

Now he has stopped trying to defend himself, he just runs or rides as quick as he can to his boyfriend to get help. See for yourself in the video below. Since I could see they were three and I didn’t know where the rogue was, I didn’t dare to go all the way to kill him when he got close to the bridge and to his friend, I preferred to run away (I found out later on, that the rogue didn’t interfere in anything so I could have done it, but I didn’t know at the time).

Later on, they banded up so they were four (that’s what they need to get my rogue) but I got in a group with two other alliances and they got chain killed.

I didn’t see them since, by the way. Maybe they understood… Or they let time go by and hope we forget.

I don’t. Still keeping an eye on them.

That’s it for October. I’ll see you later.

And remember: No ganking! (Scorpyo)


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