The most stupid ganker of the year – August-September 2022

The most stupid ganker of the year - August-September 2022 - illustration(13/10-2022) – We have been on a break from Warmane. First, we were on Tauri, playing MOP, that was funny and then we went on The Lost Ark for a bit. But we are back!

When we left Warmane, ganking was getting rare, it seems like it has started again but most ganker do a quick logon – ganking – quick log-off. They might not have noticed we haven’t been there.

Since we started slowly, there is not many for these last couple of month, but we’re getting there.

Now… Let’s see…

The nominated for the Most Stupid Ganker of the Year – August – September 2022 are:

Alliance: Djberliner (6), Hdelemental (2), Kiraplik (1),  Moogli (140), Piala (1), Putindeeznut (12), Romick (2), Saveyourself (1), Shelayla (2), Whyrunnin (7).

Horde: Agronius (2), Arathean (2), Doneralol (2), Ewerly (2), Haniapl (3), Jonkkow (2), Magickz (1), Melanium (1), Muscarine (3), Pownytail (6), Pvvnage (3), Ragnares (1), Rogthrall (1), Rroogg (1), Twinkiny (5), Votegon (4).

let’s see the rankings!

Third place – Bronze

The third place is going to Agronius. You might remember him. He was the one ganking Westfall and Lakeshire. He was “purging” the place… Until we got there. Then he wasn’t purging anything anymore.

He stopped “purging” these places and went to Borean Tundra.

Unhappily for him, we have moved there too, so he got killed a couple of times by my paladin (preg). He was laughing at me while I was on him. I was laughing at him while getting 124 honor.

He is so much of a noob, that if there was a competition for the most noob ganker of Azeroth, he would be too noob to get the first price.

Therefore, third place, bronze, for him.


Second place – Silver

Ragnares is a worthy silver. Even though I only killed him once (he ran away so fast second time, I chased him through 1.5 map and gave up.

The dude was ganking Southshore. I went on him (he is a Death Knight) with my druid, undergeared, feral. Not hoping to win, but never know…

Well, he killed my druid.

I went aside and rezzed, and he killed me again.

So I got mad!

I switched to my preg-adin and begun to fly down there.

But then, I could see he had left.

Too bad.

Hmmm… Such a noob… I guess he’ll fall for a taunt.

So I did!

I switched to one of my horde and told him something like: Pity you’ve left, I was getting there with one of my geared chars (which was a fact, actually). Sorry you didn’t dare to wait for me. (Or something like that).

Then I switched back to my paladin who was flying.

Of course, as soon as my paladin landed, she was deathgripped! Waow! How inventive!

But then, I killed him and he got my flag up his ass.

While I was buffing myself (I didn’t have time to buff, so I was unbuffed when I killed him) and eating and drinking to get my mana. He rezzed, and rode as fast as he could to come far, far away from here.

Never saw him since.

He is on our ganker list, so if he comes back, I’ll be there for him, but he hasn’t even logged on since that time!

Honorable mentions

There is not many honorable mentions this time since we just got back and, as you can see, there aren’t many ganker killed yet. It’ll be better next time. But a couple:

Putindeeznut: A low level death knight (60’ish) is trying to gank Freewind Post. He keeps on or around the inn, logs on, kills, logs off… And manages to be killed by me before he makes it out alive.

Noob DK

Whyrunnin: A level 80 rogue who is trying to gank Freewind Post and gets killed every time. He still hasn’t got it.

Ewerly and Pownytail: Ewerly is a shadow priest and Pownytail a death knight. They loved to gank Lakeshire… Until I showed up. Since I am not very good with my rogue against shadow priests (I did manage to kill him twice, though and he got me once) I generally went for the death knight. I got him six times without him being able to hurt me. Most of the time he was dancing around close to his friend the shadow priest and “taunting” me. When he saw that nothing happened (I’m not that stupid so I 1 v 2 a geared DK and a geared SP), then he went a bit further away and when he was far enough from his boyfriend, Sheket went into action and killed him. Sometimes, he didn’t even have time to dismount.

Since then, the two have tried arena and I guess it didn’t go too well because Ewerly has now disappeared. I don’t know if he changed faction and name because he was so ashamed or if he got banned.

And now… Time has come to see the first place!

First place – Gold

First place, gold… You won’t believe it…

It’s Moogli again!

The dude is so dumb so he got back to Freewind Post. Now he is geared and he came with a priest friend.

Moogli is geared, but still totally unskilled and so was his priestly friend. So they got killed several times.

He is away from Freewind Post at the moment and in Borean Tundra, but I guess he’ll come back now and then to give me honor. I killed him 140 times until now. He gave me a bit more than 17,000 honor until now! Thank you Moogli! (Scorpyo)






2 thoughts on “The most stupid ganker of the year – August-September 2022”

  1. I guess Moogli should change his name to Moogligoturflagupmyass

    Such a nice bunch of gankers. And then they say the Neanderthals have died out? I bet those boys are low-browed and scratching themselves under their soles, standing up straight.

    1. Yeps, the last idiot isn’t born yet.

      I’d say Moogligoturflagupmyass is a very good contender for this year’s award 🙂

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