Arenas – week 39 of 2021

(05/10-2021) – We have come to a “bump” in arenas. We fight mostly against teams with 150 to  200 rating over us which means we are kind of blocked right now. We would really like to come at least to 1300 with our shadow priest – retribution paladin team so we could buy a bit of gear and with that maybe could we get a bit higher. My priest needs also wrists in wrathful (can be bought with honor when I have enough) that might help too.

Here are the arenas for week 39 of 2021.

Nim’s retribution paladin (Maryon) and my shadow priest (Ombria):

Time stamps:
00:00 – vs. affliction warlock + arcane mage
00:58 – vs. elemental shaman + fire mage
03:09 – vs. subtlety rogue + arms warrior
04:14 – vs. subtlety rogue + arms warrior (same team)
05:21 – vs. retribution paladin + marskman hunter

Against the second team (elemental shaman, fire mage) it ended in a duel between retri Maryon and fire mage. He ran away to their “home” to try to make food and eat and it took a while for Nim to find out of where he was. It was a tense duel!

In the two next, the subtlety rogue had this stupid habit of “shaking” from right to left. Never understood this thing, it doesn’t do anything, not even confuses. But it is always a great pleasure for me to kill these morons. If I have the pwn-flag (which I don’t have with Ombria), I generally plant it up their ass after the kill.

Nim’s unholy death knight (Zharalys) and my holy paladin (Faeeli)

Time stamps:
00:00 – vs. unholy death knight + retribution paladin
01:12 – vs. subtlety rogue + discipline priest
02:20 – vs. retribution paladin + marskman hunter
03:20 – vs. retribution paladin + subtlety rogue
04:16 – vs. retribution paladin + subtlety rogue (same team)


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