On the Way Up

(26/09-2021) – Our two arena-teams are continuing on their way up. We’re very happy. Our arena team with my holy paladin and Zharalys’ unholy death knight got 8 wins and 2 loss last week. The one of the losses was on a mirror combination (also an unholy death knight with a holy paladin) and the fight went on for over 16 minutes. Then we kind of gave up.

One of the wins was against a team that didn’t defend itself (doing MMR-dropping I guess), so I didn’t record it. Our rating with this team (Scream, Aim and Fire) is now of 1182.

Here is the video of our unholy death knight and holy paladin (unholy-holy team ;)):

For our other team, Maryon (Nim’s retribution paladin) and Ombria (my shadow priest) we got a bit less wins than with the previous team and our rating is now of 1114. So it is also on its way up. That’s nice.

Here is the video:

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