The Mosquito

(19/08-2013) – I was with Mazal (my Blood-Elf rogue on Arathor) and after I got exalted with the Shado Pan, I went to the Isle of Thunder to do my daily PvP-quest-chain.

Everything went fine. I hardly met a soul.

On my way back, when I arrived in Horde’s camp, I saw an Alliance Death Knight fighting some of the guards. He had direction towards the Fel Reaver Robot (Made for War daily). As usual, I just stealthed and went all the way around to hand in my quest and not to disturb him.

From an other server where I have hordes, a RPPvP-realm (Defias Brotherhood), we kind of let each other quest without bothering each other. There is a kind of truce on Isle of Thunder so we can quest without ganking each other. It happens, of course, but it’s rare.

On Arathor, it has mostly been like that too. But in fact, especially lately, I have been attacked several times, sometimes with a happy end (for me) sometimes not.

So my first thought was to hand in my quests and go on. I did so. Handed in my Moganite and everything and I was about to leave, but then, I thought: Hell no! Alliance has become more ganky here around, so he is going to pay for the others. Pity for him!

I stealthed and went back to Bloodý who was taking his Army of Deads out to fight the big robot. Exactly the best situation: I could use the robot to my advantage and backstab him to death without him understanding what hit him! Hahaha! He will be really surprised!

So I did: got behind him, Ambush, Ambush, garrote, kidney shot, backstab, backstab… back… How comes the dude almost doesn’t lose any health? Am I hitting him at all?

Yes I was, and had a dps at around 20k.

It looked like he didn’t notice me at all. He was just fighting the robot with me on his back like a mosquito going <backstab, eviscerate, backstab, backstab — checking my daggers to see if they are still working — checking lag – checking dps — eviscerate, backstab, back…>

And then, the robot was down and I had him at about 1/3 health down…

Erh… No, not like you think: I got about 1/3 down, he still had… well… 2/3. Right now, on armory, he has 545k HP, but back then, maybe he was buffed or had other gear on, he had a bit over 610k… I should maybe have noticed that before I went on his back. And 2/3 of 610k is… well… 406k wich is more than me… Plate… and… Ho? He? Runetap! Back at 100% health… How handy… and such a nice animation!

Then he turned around, a bit like he just noticed me and was going like: “Your turn, now, baby!”.

Erh… Gotta go!

I ran away with the Death Knight on my back, smoke-bombed his death grip (wasn’t really interested in a close encounter with this giant). So I was kind of going: “ShitShitShitShitShitShitShitShit” and running away, burning almost every cooldown I had left. Whatever could help. If I had, I would even have taken a mana-potion! He had a couple of spells on me, but nothing I couldn’t live through and definitely nothing I wanted to stop to check on.

He finally gave up… Well… I was halfway to Pandaria.

Ha! He couldn’t catch me! Wasn’t I cool, he? He? HA!

Anyway, I put him on my Kill on Sight list with a note: “I tried to kill him and failed miserably. He might be mad at me, now. Get off his way”.

And this is EXACTLY what I intend to do: Get off his way!

P.S.: Later on, I killed an Alliance warrior questing there. That’ll teach him!

6 thoughts on “The Mosquito”

    1. Hi i am the blood dk tank you tried to kill me and faild 🙂
      i know my hp is very good but i need to say i had no buffs and i am also not gemed for Stamina i just got some good gear as he is my main :).

      When you did started to attak me i saw you i just thought well i do not really care lets just do my daylis and got turn them in once i have done them you were still attaking me so i started to attak you once you went away i just mounted and went back :). i do a lot of pvp on my dk too but i was not frost so no Point in fighting you wout take me to long.

      Maybe we see us sometime again 🙂

      1. Lol, yes, it was a very different experience, you gave me 🙂

        I am not used to that. Generally, when I do this kind of things, people usually die 🙂 You did not 🙂

        I just love the details you gave: “I saw you were attacking but just wanted to finish my daily. Then I finished and you were still here“. It is exactly how I saw it myself. I have never been so embarrassed and rarely had so much fun in fact. It teaches humility 🙂

        I’ll say hello if I see you in game again 🙂 I am on Arathor each 4th day because I have Horde and Alliance on 4 different servers.

        Have a nice game.

        See you around.



    2. Yes, it was a bit like if I was level 20 trying to kill a level 90… Very different 🙂

    1. And who knows, I have Alliances on Sporeggar and on Steamwheedle Cartel, we are sometimes in the same battlegrounds together. We might even meet side by side 🙂



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