Yes, There CAN Be Epic Wintergrasp!

(02/01-2014) – Once upon a time, Wintergrasp was THE place (sorry, forgot my French accent: ZE place), where there were epic fight.

Nowadays, it is rather empty. I still use Wintergrasp when I am gearing up, but i stop doing it when I am all honor geared. Then I don’t need honor points anymore, but conquest points, and there are no conquest points in Wintergrasp (or Tol Barad, for that matter). So I only use these two battleground while gearing up.

Since I have played mostly on Sporeggar, my other Alliance on Steamwheedle Cartel and my Horde on Defias Brotherhood are almost totally ungeared (my Horde hunter, Gwenaelle, still has greens from when she was questing, her gear is simply outrageous). So I was gearing my main, my Night Elf warrior, Scorpyo and after Tol Barad, I was in Wintergrasp.

I was alone there, killing NPC’s to get the necessary rank to make a vehicle to smash towers. I had passed rank 1 and was working on rank 2, when I saw, in Local Defense: Central Bridge is under attack.

Darn! There was a Horde, there. And played correctly, there is no way you can win Wintergrasp in one against one if you are defending. Not unless you are totally über geared and the other totally undergeared. Especially if you are Alliance defending against Horde: There is actually a bug, if you are Horde: If you have the quests and if you are attacking. You just need to kill one NPC and then you get instantly rank 2. You can have a vehicle in no time and go and attack the fortress.

While Told Barad gives roughly 150 honor point when you lose, Wintergrasp only gives 15. So here I was on the bridge, on my mount, thinking if I wanted to keep on fighting (and most likely lose) or just go out and do something else.

Then I saw him, a Tauren death knight with close to 500k in health. He stopped and looked at me. I had my finger on the “Leave Wintergrasp” and was just about to click when he death-gripped me.

Well… He obviously had taken another decision.

The fight began.

Scorpyo is actually hitting hard and I was moving a lot, using colossus smash to get away and then charge him back and hit him again and again.

He even tried to take his Army of Death out. but I am not a bladestorm warrior, but a shockwave one. This because there was a time where bladestorm didn’t do enough damage. Even though it is better now than it has been, I have got used to shockwave, which gives this extra stun, so I kept it.

So the cow had time to take two or three ghouls out before he got shocked and couldn’t get more. A couple of hits, my crit-flag up, my crit-buff up, and then execute was ready… Exit tauren. He died miserably.

All right! Then I would stay!

Since I was very, very low on health, I made a pandarian buffet (yeah, I didn’t have any regular food left… So?) and eat, but even there, I still was a bit under 2/3 health… Anyway; I’d better get my other mobs to get rank.

I began to walk to the other end of the bridge, and there he was again, full health, on his mount.

I stopped.

Guess what he did?

Yes! He deathgripped me (how did you guess?)

He died nicely a second time after a shorter fight than earlier. I guess he didn’t have much cooldown left and he obviously wasn’t very good at runepower management. I was under the impression that he was just mashing random keys on the keyboard, yelling “Diiiiie you motherfucka!” (or something like this)… Maybe he was slightly upset too… I am not sure.

Anyway, I eat a second banquet and since I wasn’t that low on health, I got on full health. Then I saw that southern tower was under attack. I guess he preferred to kill NPCs to get rank.

I went looking for him, but he wasn’t there. Okay… Then I could smash the towers. I went to the eastern workshop to take it (all four workshops were Horde) to get my vehicle.

Guess who I found there?

Yups, my death knight (how did you guess that too? You, guys, must have an einsteinic intelligence!) who just made a vehicle. He was on his way out. Okay, so Scorpyo began to hit the vehicle.

Instead of just keeping driving towards the fortress, the Tauren began to hit me with his vehicle. He was using a siege machine to try to kill me. Something tells me he was really mad at me and wanted me dead.

He got me down to a bit over half and decided it was safe enough for him to finish me off by hand. He jumped out and we began to fight. I got him down to around 1/3 health, but I had be pretty much down a couple of times myself (Scorpyo is an herbalist, so I got her up with a couple of healings, but even then, it was getting dangerously low). So I decided to run away to get some health.

He sent his ghoul after me to finish me off.

But the ghoul is stupid. It is thinking like an NPC: I shadowmelded and the ghoul got off me and came back to his master. I ate a bit and went back to fight. He was making a second machine and he began to drive… Almost same scenario as before. With the difference than instead of sending his ghoul after me, he was just running after me.

So there I was in Wintergrasp, running at a good pace with a cow and a ghoul running after me. No problem, I could use colossus smash to go further away from him. Eat full health, back to workshop…

But no Tauren.

He left the battle.

Then it was no problem getting vehicles, smashing towers and keeping the fortress.

If Wintergrasp doesn’t offer epic battles anymore, it certainly can offer epic duels!

P.S.: Don’t make any mistake, I use as much humor to explain when I get pwned. See, for example, this one.

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