(23/10-2009) – Nim is NOT, repeat, Nim is NOT 25 years old!

Yesterday, on october 22nd 2009, at 11:51 Realm time, she became grandmother to a little girl who is named Naomi.

Naomi weighted 2840g and measured 47cm at birth.

Nimgranny is really proud.

For those who think they have heard the name Naomi somwhere, it is correct.

Naomi is the hebrew word for “pleasure, agreeble, my sweet”, but it is also the name of a character of Star Trek Voyager: Naomi Wildman. She was the mixed-species daughter of a Ktarian (Greskrendregk) and a Human (Ensign Samantha Wildman). She was born in 2372 (stardate 49548.7) and lived on the USS Voyager while it was lost in the Delta Quadrant.

So if some of you think, Nim is acting a bit estatic, soloing [For The Alliance] or laughing without reasons (for example of Palsass’ terrible jokes), you now know why.

And gz Nim… Even though you know did your part of the job many, many, many years ago!

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