The boss on solo-raid

I was questing with Lehiya, my paladin, on outland when I got the message that Halaa was under attack.

Even though Lehiya is not spec’ed as PvP at all (and I am not sure that I’ll ever do it) and since I wasn’t too far, I went to take a look.

Now, Lehiya is level 80 and when I am passing by PvP places like Halaa or the towers on Hellfire Peninsula and I can see there is fight, I generally check it out.

If I can see that the level of the players fighting corresponds to the level of the place, I don’t interfer (even though we are losing) because I don’t think that every PvP place shall become a “lvl-80 fighting place”. For me, it will be like coming to Warsong Gulch for lvl 61-70 with a lvl 80 player.

But if there are 80’s from the other side, if I have time, I generally give a hand.

There, at Halaa, it was a lvl 70 DK alliance trying to defend Halaa against a lvl 80 warlock, Longin, all purple.

Of course, Lehiya was no match for him and I failed miserably a 3 or 4 time.

So I got a bit mad and took Silah, my rogue out to help.

Was a bit unsure of it because Warlocks are tough and I don’t recall I have been on a 1vs1 against one.

Well, well, well… It went quite well for me and nothing the lock could do could resist. Got 3 kills pretty fast, so the warlock waited for PvP to go off, he got full health. I was standing watching, in PvP. I guess he inspected me and just left. Didn’t see it again.

But then, I wanted a bit of PvP, so I went to Astranaar in hope that horde was attacking (they do it quite often), but not this time.

So I pushed to Splintertree post and smashed the place, including Flight Master of course and the 80 warrior that tried to defend. He only tried once and just rez’ed elsewhere I guess.

Here I took a picture of Silah at the FP of Splintertree. I do look much better than the orc who was standing there before, don’t I?

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