Horde is feeling too much like home…

(07/12-2012) – On Ragnaros, it looks like Horde is so sure of owning everything, that they don’t expect getting hit.

You can’t quest around a Horde without them trying (even sometimes foolishly, like Nim explained in her post: Such Insolence, Such Arrogance Should Be Punished) to kill you.

So me, who takes the principle that we don’t need to fight each other each time we meet, have changed pretty much here on Ragnaros.

If someone ganks me or tries to kill me (whether I flee because time isn’t here yet or to gain strength to come back straight after), there is a payback time.

But like Napoleon said: La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid (Vengeance is a dish, that has to be eaten cold – meaning, it’s better when you wait), so it is not always coming right away.

Anyway… Since the Horde, obviously feels too much at home and tends to kill any Alliance player no matter what… I decided I will do the same, so they can feel a bit how it feels to be in the obligation to watch behind your shoulder constantly and to be in group constantly (but this time, not for ganking, but for protection).

Silah has begun to roam around and kill Horde who are peacefully questing, like Biddka, a lvl 80 DK here.

Last night, by the way, three Hordes were in Stormwind, I killed one, but the other, a Death Knight, escaped from me. I ran/rode after him until he ran to the middle of the port of Stormwind and back.

But no worries, Mecanlico, no one escapes me for ever…

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