Laugh at Palsass

The 10th of June, at 21:00, Palsass, our Dwarf-Paladin-Who-Just-Learned-To-Ressurect wanted to have a party.

Having fun and commiting suicide were two of the main points of this party.

We should meet in front of The Stockades, in Stormwind, which most of us did.

Then, after a couple of drinks (which explains the blurry picture in the first part of the movie), we jumped into the water and stayed there until we were supposed to die so Palsass could rez us.

Nim died and Pallywolly did resurrect her. It went fine.

After a bit of talk, and I agreed to jump into the water and commit suicide too. I was down there and was waiting for the breath to go down to zero… but then… I heard a strange noise…

It was the noise of a dwarf dying. Aaarhgh.

Palsass had forgotten that, even though he could resurrect, he still needed to breathe from time to time, so he did’nt get up to the surface to breathe and died miserably.

Since no one could resurrect us if we died, we all popped up of the water.

You can hear the death of Palsass in the movie (again, because of the large amount of booze I drank, the picture is very blurry. Sorry about that, but I was about to commit suicide and didn’t want to be resurrect by a dwarf while being sober).

Then, when he found his way back to life, we agreed to make a train… Meaning: We walked around in Stormwind, following each other while we were using the /train emote.

People followed us a bit and were quite puzzled about why 10 people were going around naked, following each other, in Stormwind (most of us had only our tabard on) while saying “tshu tshu”.

Someone asked Nim:

– What are you doing?
– We’re training, answered Nim.

Very puzzled, there was some time before he asked:

– Can I join?
– Of course.

Then we were a couple more going around /train-ing in Stormwind.

Here’s the movie. Enjoy!

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