Fishing – what else?

When you see wreckage near the coastline, float the cursor over it to see if it has a name come up; ‘sailboat wreckage’ for example. If so, fish this ‘pool’ for some serious goodies – the most helpful to level up your fishing being a weatherbeaten journal which can teach the ability ‘find fish’. This shows every pool of fish or wreckage in the minimap area as a yellow dot with details attached.

Pools are the shiny circles seen just off the coast & spawn randomly throughout the world – hover your cursor over them to see which fish you will primarily catch from the pool, but make sure your bobber lands within the circle on the water. Pools typically give you 4-6 catches before they disappear.

As you level up your fishing, you’ll find that you catch more goodies like mithril bound trunk, iron chest & more from the pools – all packed with the likes of potions, cloth, gems & money.

Excerpt from ‘fly fishing’ by TeshR Hartley

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