Scorpyo from 1-80

So, Scorpyo hit 80 yesterday.

This is important because even though my Death Knight have hit 80 a long time ago, there is a big difference between working a Death Knight from level 58 to 80 and working a warrior from level 1 to 80.

Scorpyo had been in a bit of a pause for some times, after I hit 55 and got my Death Knight (it was something real special at the time, to get a Death Knight) but from the time I took care of her again, it went quite quickly.

One could say that “the main is back”.

I have regularly taken pictures of my characters (in fact after each time I played them when I started, less often now) so I have put these pictures together in a little movie (4 minutes or so) where you can see the evolution of Scorpyo from 1 to 80.

Some of these pictures were quite nostalgic in fact, you know: Awwwww yes… I remember this shield, I kept it a long time! It saved my ass many times, this kind of things.

Anyway… Here’s the film. Enjoy.

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