Party in Astranaar

Now, Warriors of the North have their HQ in Astranaar, Ashenvale. On top of the inn, to be precise.

So it was quite logical that, when we throw the party for our new level 80, Nimrasil, and our 4 new Bloodsail Admirals, we went there to have fun.

You have heard of rooster fight? Well… We had a kind of… Shall we say “different” fight… A kind of “hen fight”.

Teshar, rogue (level 55), naked and only armed with her fishing pole wanted to duel Bugsygirl, Death Knight (level 80), in party dress and unarmed… Well… kind of, because as you will see, Teshar actually did use thrown weapon and Bugsygirl used chain of ice.

The duel went out of our HQ and down to the inn where there are questgivers. People in the inn were quite surprised.

After the duel, it was time for fishing, Teshar still loves to fish, while bugsy bugged her. But I guess, it is her mission.

Here is a little movie about that. By mistake, I had turned recording interface on instead of off so parts of the screen are taken with chat and stuff. Sorry about that. Have fun anyway.

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