Warriors are Scream Aim Fire

(17/01-2012) – Yes, Warriors of the North was history.

I left  WoW the 26th of October 2010. Their new patch, prior to Cataclysm was so buggy, my computer got down. Service was terrible.

Servers were down for days and when I asked a refund of some of these days, I got the message that “Blizzard will see who will get a refund when it is over”, so I closed my account.

I had 9 level 80 at the time and one level 78 and then some, but I didn’t want to accept this.

There are things I miss from WoW, but I won’t get back there because the WoW that I miss is not the WoW that is here at the moment.

I then played Age of Conan for about a year, got a bunch of level 80’s too.

The game is very buggy, service is a joke and rude, but I liked my guild and the people there, so it kept me on.

Until Funcom (who owns Age of Conan) began to try to attract free players. You could play free and had to pay for extra mount and other things, but could play free.

As a paying customer, you then had to pay some more to get some different advantages.

The game got even more buggy after the new extension, unpleasant people came online, destroying the good atmosphere of the game, Funcom became even more greedy and even more unpleasant, so I closed my account there.

In the meantime, I had played Rift for some months (more or less from the moment they went live in Europe, March 2011), so I kept Rift going.

And since I am reunited with ex-Warriors from WoW: Nimrasil and Meteron, then we made our guild.

On most of the realms, it is called: Scream Aim Fire, but the one on Silkweb is still called Vixen. I will try to change that.

Warriors are back, as Scream Aim Fire, on Rift’s US-shards (I prefer US players to EU players).

You can find us on Briarcliff (guardians, pvp), Silkweb (guardians, pve), Deepstrike (defiant, pvp) and Faeblight (defiant, pve).

Check the “about” page (when I have made it) to find out of who we are and where to find us.

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