The Mercurial Stone

(03/08-2014) – Have you ever thought of making 200 gold with a deposit of some silver? If you are an alchemist here is how.

The mercurial stone, a little trinket that is wearable from level 65 on can help you.

The recipe as it is now will be learned from the alchemy trainer as you progress. So the recipe is really not difficult to aquire. Why not use it sometimes.

For a mercurial stone you need 1 primal earth, 1 primal life and 1 primal mana. Those primals can be farmed or bought mostly at very low cost at the auction house.

Now here is the great thing. The mercurial stone you make can be sold up to 200 gold, depending on your patience and will to repost the stone for some days.

There will always be someone interested in it sooner or later, as there are not many trinkets available at level 65 and advanced players try to use all available slots to gain better stats.

It is truly up to you if you leave the recipe as it is or instead try to make something great out of it. You can always go lower in price or sometimes just give a stone to a good friend.

One thing is sure: It is never wrong to make some mercurial stones sometimes!

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  1. Great tip, Met 🙂 And it works, too. I used it with Tzori a short while ago, so thank you for having told me about it.

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