More Arenas

We have now two teams going in arena. We try to see how far up we go.

One team is Ombria (my shadow priest) and Maryon (Nim’s retribution paladin), the other team is Zharalys (Nim’s unholy death knight) and Faeeli (my holy paladin). Funny enough, even though we think our unholy death knight and holy paladin is the best team, we win more with our other team. But that might change at the moment.

Here are some of our latest arenas. Here is Ombria and Maryon:

And here is Zharalys and Faeeli. The last fight is epic. The druid and the hunter were dps’ing Zharalys hard. So hard, so I did not know what was going on. I was just healing. At the burst, Zharalys went really low, and whatever I was doing to heal her, her health didn’t go up (it didn’t go down either, though!).

At the end of the fight, Zharalys actually killed the druid, but she didn’t see it, so she went on to fight the hunter’s pet (a wolf) that she killed (while the hunter was dps’ing her, and me healing her). When the wolf died, she looked at him and found out that this was no kittycat but a wooffydog. So she found out that the hunter was still shooting at her and she realized what was going on… She went like: “YOU!”… You will die! And it happened.

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