Two arena teams

(01/09-2021) – We only just started the new season. For the moment, we have two teams: Shadow priest (Ombria) and retribution-paladin (Maryon), that we used a bit last season. It’s the team: “Just One More Fight”.

Then we have the team “Scream Aim and Fire” with unholy death knight (Zharalys) and holy paladin (Faeeli).

We plan to have a third team running soon, also death knight and healadin, but we’ll play opposite. I will be the death knight and Nim will be healadin. My death knight is not unholy but hybrid blood/unholy. More about that later.

Just One More Fight (shadowpriest/retri) against:

– Hunter + warrior
– Mage + retri
– Warrior + enhanced shaman


Scream Aim and Fire (unholy DK + Healadin) against:

– Two protection warriors
– Mirror comp: Unholy DK + healadin. The unholy DK, after stopping fighting and just running around us for a while “disconnected”. It looks more like he gave up. You be the judge. (Scorpyo)

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