Furiax got relaxed

(27/06-2013) – Each day, or almost, Nim and I are doing our “morning PvP”. I want to speak about the PvP-quests on Isle of Thunder.

We generally start with our Alliance, on Culte de la Rive Noire, then we move on to our Horde on Defias Brotherhood.

On Defias Brotherhood, Alliance is pretty cool. They generally pass by us when we are questing (with the exception of a couple of guys, but more about them another day).

So when we are in our “town” and see them questing, we don’t bother them and do the same. We let them quest. I believe it is the rule more than the exception from both sides.

But on Culte de la Rive Noire (RP-PvP), things are somewhat different. The Horde is pretty aggressive and each time we just passed by some Horde who were questing and let them be, we have regretted it. Each bleeding single time, they attacked us.

They died each time by the way since we are two stealth, Laylael (resto-druid) and Tzila (rogue – who, by the way, just got her own personal 10,000 kills) and they, most often only see one of us, generally Laylael.


So we agreed, after we killed a Death Knight who died violently after attacking Laylael (no he hadn’t seen the rogue either!), not to give horde any chance except from a few that really showed a positive mind. But, yes, I must admit, they don’t have long to show their positive state of mind.

So last monday (the 24th), we were about to start. We had our quests and we were on our way out, when we saw a hunter, Furiax, hunting on our place.

Okay, deal is deal. No quarter. No chance. Nothing. We waited until he came near and we went out of stealth and killed him pretty quick. Then, since we are not into corpse camping (except gankers or campers) we went on our way to the Horde part of the island to do our quests.

We were just started and were fighting mobs when one of us got the red hunter’s mark over her head and a pet attacked the second one.

To be honest, you are at a great advantage when on your part of the island since there are many mobs and installations defending you. But we actually killed him.

Laylael was healing me when she said: Ho, watch out, he has respawned already. And he attacked again. Without pet?

Of course, we killed him quick. We planted a Darnasus banner in his a… behind, to make him look prettier.

Then we finished healing just to see him roaming around stealth… Well… You know the rest.

However, this time, we hurried on (we were at full health anyway) to be sure we weren’t there when he got up again, because we didn’t want to give him a chance of a first shot again.

So in fact, this time, it was the victim camping the killers.

But we managed to get out.

We haven’t seen him since. Furiax had become pretty much relaxed.

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