Tera – How to get the raptor mount, Sparky

You get the raptor mount by having two different achievements:1) Tourist Trap.2) Monumental Effort.

Tourist Trap

Tourist-Trap (which gives you the yellow title “Travelling” upon achievement) is to visit different cities and get the “xxx-city-tourist” in those cities. Most of the time, it is done by staying on the platform and waiting for the achievement to pop up, but there are (few) exceptions.The Tourist-trap achievement is composed of three minor achievements: Southern Arun Tourist Attractions, Southern Shara Tourist Attractions and Northern Shara Tourist Attractions. Each of these “Tourist Attractions” achievements contains certain cities.


There are two ways you can do this achievement: You can open your achievements-window and check out which cities you need to visit and then just visit them, or you can take all the cities from the list below and visit them one after another regardless if you have visited them before or not.You can also visit these cities and monuments while leveling (this is why I put them in ‘leveling order’).To visit them, I would suggest you used a Village Atlas which lets you teleport from city to city. If you don’t have elite-status, you can get them from the EMP-store or from trader. Sometimes, you can get them from the calendar or such. They have limited time (7 days), but you can get to every of these town very quickly so the whole achievement takes about an hour or less.

Monumental Effort

Spread around the world of Tera, there are some monuments. They look like monoliths and just stand there. You have to approach them and wait close them to get the achievement for visiting them. You might have to wait a bit before you can see the achievement for this monument pop up. Wait for it (or try to click on it). Please note that you have to be dismounted when you are near the monument. It may work mounted on some, but not on all of them. When you have visited all the monuments, you get the achievement “Monumental Effort“.Like the Tourist Trap achievement, Monumental Effort is composed of minors achievements. Two of them: “Neither Sand, nor Snow nor Gloom of Night…” and “Up, Down, and All Around”. Each of these two achievements contains a certain number of monuments you’ll have to visit.When you get the achievement “Monumental Effort”, you don’t get any title, but you get a pet: Juicy, which is a lifelike pet because, like most of the real pets we have (at least our dog and our cat), it is totally useless. The pet will just follow you and emote and not gather anything or be your bank… Nothing! But very cute indeed.When you get the achievement, Juicy is automatically mailed to you.When you get both achievements, you get the raptor mount, Sparky, automatically mailed to you.For the Monumental Effort achievement, you can either check your achievement list and see which monuments you miss and find them in the list below or just take them all in order.So now, we’ll take the trip all the way around and get all achievements. When I just write the name of the city, that means that you just need to teleport there and wait on the platform until the achievement pops up. All the pictures are clickable and will open a bigger picture when clicked.If there are monument in the region, we’ll take them at the same time.Ready? Follow me, then!

Let’s go!

  • Lumbertown (Arcadia)
  • Crescentia (Arcadia)
  • Popolion (Poporia)
  • Chebika (Val Aureum)
  • Cutthroat Harbor (Ostgarath)
  • Pora Elinu (Poporia)The platform is too far away from the city to get the achievement. You’ll have to move into the center of the city or close to the NPC called Shalane, near the center, to get it.


There is a monument, in the north-western part, near Eldritch Academy. To get there you can either ride or fly. Do NOT use the teleportal in Pora Elinu to get to Eldritch Bastion, you’ll need a lot of time to get out, it won’t be of any help.Follow the road going north-west, pass the gate and the entrance. The monument is on the right side of the statues near the entrance (when you face the entrance)

  • Tulufan (Val Aureum)


There is a monument near Tulufan in Arena of the Exalted in the nortwestern part of “Colossal Ruins”. To get there, take the road northwest, fly or take the teleportal from Tulufan to Sietch Bidum and ride or fly the rest of the way.Follow the road going north-west, pass the pillars, get into the arena (looks like a ruin of a colosseum), you will see some sand storm in the middle. The monument is on the left side.

  • Castanica (Ostgarath)
  • Allemantheia (Allemantheia)
  • Tria (Essenia)
  • Tralion (Essenia)
  • Acarum (Westonia)


There is a monument near Acarum, to the right of the entrance of Citadel of Torments. To get there, fly or take the road south and ride. You can take the Teleportal from Acarum to somewhere into the citadel and then get out of it, but it is not really worth it since the Citadel of Torments isn’t very far from Acarum and there are no monsters blocking the way.Get out of Acarum, ride over the bridge and follow the road south. Climb the steps to the entrance. When you face the entrance of the Citadel of Torments, the monument is on the right side.

  • Bleakrock (Westonia)
  • Frontera (Val Palrada)
  • Elenea (Val Elenium)
  • Bastion (Veritas District)


There is a monument near Bastion. Near Camp Sunlight. To get there, you can ride the road north, fly or take the Teleportal from Bastion to Camp Sunlight.Go out to the left of Camp Sunlight. Pass the Banana Tree and take right on a kind of bridge. On the right side, almost at the end of the bridge, you’ll find the monument.

  • Kaiator (Kaiator)
  • Dragonfall (Sylvanoth)


There is a monument near Sylvanoth. In the Temple of Sikander in Amena Quatla.To get there, fly (you can’t fly the whole way at the moment), ride the road east or (much quicker) take the teleportal from Dragonfall to Broken Bridge Camp in the east. That will put you in the camp close to the Temple of Sikander.The temple has several “floors” or levels.Ride (no flying allowed) through the monsters to the second floor and go on the left side. Ride all the way until you meet the side of the mountain. There is your monument.

  • Scythera Fae (Sylvanoth)
  • Habere (Lorcada)


There is a monument near Habere (your last for the achievement). It is in front of the Labyrinth of Terror. To get there, you can ride the road south (no fly zone at the moment) or, much easier, take the Teleportal from Habere directly to the entrance of the Labyrinth of Terror.The monument is on the right side of the entrance of the Labyrinth of Terror.If you didn’t get it before, you should now get the achievement Monumental Effort and a mail with the pet, Juicy.

Now let’s take the last cities:

  • Pathfinder post (Val Tirkai)
  • Zulfikar Fortress (Helkan District)
  • Kanstria (Val Kaeli)You will have to ride to the center of the city to get the achievement.

If you didnt get it before, you should now get the achievement Tourist Trap, Well Traveled and receive Sparky, the raptor-mount in your mailbox.Enjoy your new cool mount.

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