Guild Bank Rules

How can I take tuff out of guild bank?

Well, you can if you’ve earned the right to do so, and how much and often depends on your rank in the guild.

In general, we have 7 ranks in the guild. The lowest rank, rank 7, is only used in case we really want to make sure that you belong to the guild.

Nobody can withdraw gold from the guild bank. It’s meant to be used for more bank tabs, and things for all guildies.

Nobody get guild repairs. Not even the guild master.

You only have the right to withdraw items for your own use. NOT to sell. NOT to give to others.

This goes without saying for the most of you, but just in case… I want to stress that you have the right to withdraw stacks. This doesn’t mean that you have to do it. And remember that the guild is a community… If you take, remember to give, also.

Rank 6 GB Rights

When you enter the guild, you should immediately get upgraded to rank 6. That rank gives you access to Tab 1, where you can view things and deposit things and withdraw 2 stacks per day.

Rank 5 GB Rights

If you hold rank 5, you can view and deposit things on Tab 1, and you can withdraw 5 stacks per day.

Rank 4 GB Rights

Rank 4 is an officer rank, and you get the right to view and deposit items from Tab 1 and Tab 2 Unlimited, and to view and deposit on Tab 3, 4 and 5, and withdraw 5 items from each of those daily.

Rank 3 GB Rights

Rank 5 is the highest officer rank (except for Nimrasil or Scorpyo), and when you hold that rank, you can view all 5 Tabs and withdraw and deposit unlimited on them.

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