General Rules

We have few rules, but we are very attached to them. These are not rules which are supposed to be a problem, quite the opposite. We are, first of all, a social guild. That means that we don’t care about your gear, your level, the number of level 90 you have, how much gold you have or how much you don’t have, the number of achievements you have had (or not) and what you know or not about the game. If there are things you don’t know, ask, we will answer. If there are things you know, share them with us or with people who don’t know. Our rules are dictated by common sense so most of them will (hopefully) be unnecessary to write down. But… never know.

1. The guild is a kind of common place, a kind of WoW-family, so to speak and you are expected to be polite: Say hello when you come in, say goodbye before you leave for a longer period of time. When you ask a question and someone takes time to answer you, say thank you.

2. No ganking. No camping. Ganking is killing someone who is much lower rank than you. Camping is waiting around his body for him to rez and to kill him again before he has time to come away. Exception from that are gankers, of course. For example, if, while you are questing with your level 30, you get ganked by a level 60 and choose to take out you level 90 to make him feel how it is, then, that is all right. We have a ganker’s list in the guild, so if you wish to go hunting, keep it to this people. Do not gank other players. Do not camp other players. No one of our guild authorize this kind of action and if someone is complaining to an officer or guild master that you are ganking or camping, you will be thrown out at once.

3. No begging. No anal jokes or spamming of any chat channel with obscenities. Remember that the game is for 12+ players so please, act as such. We do not accept this kind of behavior in the guild.

4. As told in the introduction, we do not expect you to know everything about the game. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask them. There are no stupid questions, only stupid answer. If a member ask a question, no matter how obvious or “noobish” it seems, do not make fun of them. If you know the answer, give it. If you don’t, don’t. But do not make fun of people asking questions. This is rude and not acceptable.

5. We help each other but do not take help for granted and respect those who take time to help you out with dungeon, quests, gear or anything else. If you have an agreement to be helped through a dungeon or with some gear or enchants or anything like that, be there in time.

6. Please note that we do have a rank called “In The Void”, it is a rank with only right to talk and read guild-chat and it is for members who do not follow these simple rules. If no positive change of behavior appears in a max period from 3 to 5 days, the member will be thrown out of the guild.

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