Feodora is level 80

 For some reason, I was real long at leveling my shaman.

Well… Yes and no.

I wasn’t long to level her from 1 to 80 (11 days), but I was long in pulling myself together to play her.

It took me quite a while to get used to this totem-thingies-kind-of-lego-block-thingy.

But when I first really got caught in it, it went smoothly and quickly and was in fact real fun.

Feodora is my 8th level 80.

6 of them are (still) on Blade’s Edge Europe (Alliance).

1 of them is on Turalyon Europe (Horde)

1 of them is on Stormscale Europe (Horde) – She was Alliance on Blade’s Edge and I moved her and switched faction.

Feodora is Elemental Shaman and only at level 80, I double spec’ed her with healer.

I haven’t try to heal at all with her. I have only healed with my priest (Malka – 80) who is Holy/Disciplin, so I am excited to see how this will work.

From level 40 I really ran through the levels and the phrase I have writtent most often in guild, party or whisper was (and is!):

Shamans rock!

I really think of making a shaman on each realm I am on. I really grown fond of them.

I think that what impresses me most, is their versatility, you can do almost everything with them.

Since we have just started this blog, I thought it was a good idea to start with a new level 80 in the “familly” 🙂

By the way: Did I ever told you that I think that shamans rock?

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