We fought each other, then we got a beer

Corpselord (25/07-2023) – A couple of days ago, I was patrolling the typical ganking places.

When I checked Valiance Keep, I saw a Horde Death Knight, Corpselord, who killed a low level. I was with my mage, so I switched to my paladin.

I found him and taunted him, just to see if he would be just as good at killing someone on his level as he was killing low levels. We followed each other to a place close by and landed both. Then, we fought with each other.

The fight went on and on and I noticed he was hybrid spec (my Death Knights are hybrid spec’ed too, so I recognize it quickly).

“Oh dear!”,  I thought, “This might take some time!”

I was confident that he wouldn’t be able to kill, so I tried to let him burn his cooldowns and then counter attack.

It worked fine, but I wasn’t able to kill him before he got his cooldowns back.

We had been fighting about 10 minutes when two other Hordes came to the place. They looked at us for a while, but didn’t interfere. At that time, we both were at equal health and I didn’t dare to hit too hard because I thought that if they saw he was about to get killed, they might help him. So I was mitigating damage, mostly.

But they flew away, and we fought on.

After about ten more minutes of stalemate and me trying mitigation – stun – heal – counter attack without being able to kill him and him unable to kill me, I really grew bored. I tried to say “Farewell” to him and stopped fighting so we could stop it there and go on with our respective businesses.

But he either didn’t see it or didn’t understand what I meant and I even came close to get killed with this stun.

At a moment, there came another alliance who went on him. I stopped fighting and moved away. I didn’t want any help. We had equal gear, making the fight fair with even chances of winning.

So I moved back and let the two guys fight each other while I was healing myself (when the other Alliance fought him, he was still fighting me, and since I stopped everything, I took a great deal of damage).

He killed the alliance, and I mounted to signify to him that for me, it was over. Otherwise, I would have bubbled and hearthed. We had been going on for 15 or 20 minutes and I could see it might go on for 20 minutes more, and eventually some other Horde or other Alliance will mingle and it would be very frustrating to win or lose this way.

So we said goodbye, and we flew our way.

You can see the last three minutes here:

I then switched to one of my Horde and whispered him. We became friends, actually.

In fact, he killed the low level by mistake. He only fights level 80s and this low level was around and got killed by an AOE-spell. The wrong guy at the wrong place at the wrong time, in short.

So we became friends. I assured you I wouldn’t attack him and neither would Nim… as long as he doesn’t gank, of course. But it looks like it is not his style at all.

I guess that is the WoW version of having a fistfight and then getting a beer and becoming friends afterwards. (Scorpyo)

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