The kid got to 80

So! She finally made it! Our Nimrasil went all the way to 80. I happened the 26th of july 2009 at 13:38:56 in Bouldercrag’s Refuge (where the salesman speaks as Lich King, you know). She filmed it all, and here it is. With sound and all. Nim is the one jumping around. Congrats, Nim.

Use the AH

My tip is one of common sense rather than genius. Being short (in more ways than one) of common sense I made the mistake of selling everything I picked up to vendors to get my bags empty in order that I could hurry back to questing. I thought this method saved me valuable time at …

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Laugh at Palsass

The 10th of June, at 21:00, Palsass, our Dwarf-Paladin-Who-Just-Learned-To-Ressurect wanted to have a party. Having fun and commiting suicide were two of the main points of this party. We should meet in front of The Stockades, in Stormwind, which most of us did. Then, after a couple of drinks (which explains the blurry picture in …

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