Hunt Down The Denoobs


I found a new expression that I am very proud of: a Denoob!

I guess you don’t know what that is, right?

Well, a Denoob is a Denigrating Noob. It is a player who, instead of enjoying the game, getting gears, pets, recipes or whatever can be fun, prefers to denigrate others. It might have a highly negative impact on players who aren’t sure of themselves and do their best to get geared. 

Personally, I always have been defending the victims when I see (or read) some player harassing them. And that was needed not that long ago. 

Imagine that there was such a Denoob in Tol Barad, on Steamwheedle Cartel (Alliance side) yesterday… well… Tuesday the 6th of August. 

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The Dwarf’s Birthday – and I Got a Present (wow!)

Early yesterday morning, I found an email from my friend, The Dwarf, aka Belothazar. He had written it sometimes during the night, my time, and he asked me why I wasn’t online on such an epic day.

BelothazarI had no idea what he was talking about…

But of course, I went online later that day, and there I got the explaination: It was the dwarf’s birthday!

I had nothing prepared 🙁 But we met, and he opened up a trade box.

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Kevin Mokrosh


(01/07-2013) – In French, in WoW, there are “noobs”, and there are also a “Kevin.”

Because of the variety of American sitcoms in French television, there has been a wave of “Kevin”, “Brandon”, “Jack”, etc. When the video-games really became used, the smallest players were very young, and many got noticed because of their stupidity.

So a “Kevin”, in French, is a kind of noob. Pretty stupid and, very often, he will believe that he is better than others. 

We met Kevin Mokrosh yesterday, sunday, while doing our PvP-quests on the Isle of Thunder at around 10 AM. 

As a rule of thumb, we generally let Horde (or Alliance, depending on which side we are playing) quest, while on Isle of Thunder, and most of them let us quest without problems… except on Culte de la Rive Noire.

Horde there is much more aggressive than good and you can be sure they will attack you, whether you are on your or on their territory.

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All Right, Guys, This Is How You Do It!


Last Saturday, June 22nd, at around 22h00, when I was in the AH in Orgrimmar, on Defias Brotherhood with my AH char, I suddenly saw in trade that Alliance was doing For the Alliance.

Silvermoon had fallen, Thunderbluff had fallen, they were marching towards Undercity.

Message were passing quickly by in the trade channel. We had to make a raid group to defend. I switched to my Paladin, Lehiya, called on to Nim, who switched to her Death Knight, Runathel and we got invited into the raid group. 

At first, there was some confusion: Should we make our stand in Undercity or in Orgrimmar? 

Personally, like many Hordes, I hate Garrosh and anyone killing him would be my hero. I love Sylvana. She has style, she is beautiful.

She is great! So Runathel and I went to Undercity. 

There, we were about 10 people waiting for the Alliance to come. I have done it before. The place is quite closed, there are a lot of guards who are easily aggroed, plus bats, so you can easily get a raid group to wipe there with 10 people. 

But then, disturbing news came from the trade channel. The Alliance gathered a third raid-group. They were close to 100 people marching.

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Furiax got relaxed


Each day, or almost, Nim and I are doing our “morning PvP”. I want to speak about the PvP-quests on Isle of Thunder.

We generally start with our Alliance, on Culte de la Rive Noire, then we move on to our Horde on Defias Brotherhood.

On Defias Brotherhood, Alliance is pretty cool. They generally pass by us when we are questing (with the exception of a couple of guys, but more about them another day).

So when we are in our “town” and see them questing, we don’t bother them and do the same. We let them quest. I believe it is the rule more than the exception from both sides.

But on Culte de la Rive Noire (RP-PvP), things are somewhat different. The Horde is pretty aggressive and each time we just passed by some Horde who were questing and let them be, we have regretted it. Each bleeding single time, they attacked us.

They died each time by the way since we are two stealth, Laylael (resto-druid) and Tzila (rogue – who, by the way, just got her own personal 10,000 kills) and they, most often only see one of us, generally Laylael. 

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Warriors are Redeemers

It is no secret that I bought the guild <Warriors of the North> a long time ago. 

When Nimrasil and I started on WoW, we were in a guild called <Bloodlust Eternal> (pretty much inactive, only two members today) and even though it was an okay guild back then, then there were too many things we didn’t like much. 

For example: New member is coming in. We say “hello” and “welcome” and his first question would be: “How do I get tuff out of the bank?”. 

Then, the guild master would promote him to a level so he could take “tuff” out of the bank, let him do it and eventually demote him a bit later.

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Good-Bye Blade’s Edge


When Nim and I first started to play WoW (roughly we started one week or two apart), Blade’s Edge was the server Blizzard was recommending to new players. I had originally Horde and Alliance there.

After a while, I moved (or deleted) my Hordes from Blade’s Edge to Turalyon (for PvE) and Stormscale (for PvP). 

Our alliances staid on Blade’s Edge and very quickly, we didn’t like this realm very much, but we had time to get some friends, there. Many were in <Godless>: Doedancer, Lycyn, Luzerei and many others and we had a lot of fun together. Blade’s Edge became bearable to play. 

After a while, we stopped playing WoW, Cataclysm was a catastrophe. 

When we came back, the last week of December 2012, we found that there had been some clean-up in Blade’s Edge: People weren’t that terrible as they were when we left, but it is not really our style.

PvP is still terrible (Alliance side), there are many bots on battleground, more than there were before, and in fact, these bots are playing better than some of the players (just to give you an idea).

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The Boss Is Back

December 14, 2012

WoWScrnShot 121412 095453

After over two years, Scorpyo and Nimrasil are back in retail-WoW. We got back the 20th of november 2012 to be exact.

We didn’t want to say anything at first, because we were not sure we would stay at all. We started with a ten day’s trial.

The story stopped for Scorpyo October 26th 2010. Different things had an influence:

– The patch 4.0 was here. Things were changed to point where it was really boring. And it was so bugged that I couldn’t fly on Northrend. I crashed every ten (10) seconds (this is not an expression. It was a crash every 10 seconds!)

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Nice Little Titanium Node Honey Pot

Shadel was out roaming… I mean, mining.  First in Wintergrasp, where a warlock tried to kill me, but he got killed himself by a Draenei shaman, he hadn’t seen.

Pity 😉

Then in Sholazar.

I noticed a blood elf paladin, who were mining on the same route as me, but I was slightly ahead. Once I let him see me land beside a saronite node, and then I stealthed. He stayed over me for a while on his flying mount, probably considering whether or not to go down and take his chances with a  stealthed rogue.

He chose to continue.

I saw him again a little later. Again, I was ahead of him and could mine.

Then I was all alone for a while, and since my poison just expired on both blades, and since I had almost 100 saronite ores, I decided to go home to Dalaran.

But then I spotted a titanium node, and I took a fatal decision.

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