Botter Accused Nezepher of Being a Bot

Have you ever been on a battleground where people were raging?

Oh, you have?

Well, yesterday was our alliance day, so we were on Sporeggar. I had gotten new PvP gear for my relatively new level 90 shaman, Nezepher, so I wanted to test it in a few battlegrounds.

When I entered this one, Arathi Basin, people were already gathered in the court yard in front of the little house we arrive in. I stepped outside, and saw somebody ask for health stones. Another one said something in a Dutch. The little I understood of it was “open your eyes”. So I looked around and saw the soulwell, oddly placed to the left of the entrance to the house.

I went over there, grabbed a healthstone and then Vìvi from Defias Brotherhood said:

“Nezepher is a bot. Report her.”

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Beware of Good Reflexes

February 13, 2014


Sometimes, in WoW, just like in anything else, you might get into a state of “baaaaûûûûm”, you, know, if you do a lot of repetitive actions, then you get the combo in your fingers which just run on the keyboard and you think of something else while killing, gathering arrows or any other stupid thing.

I remember once, I was boosting a friend in Wailing Caverns with my Blood-Elf death knight. We were on our way out and I was just chain-killing the dinosaures on our way out: Tab -Icy Touch – Tab – Icy Touch – Tab <Ho? I didn’t remember there were bears in here> – Icy Touch <Nyaaaaaaaah> (the very dramatic sound of a Night Elf hunter dying). In my mantra I reacted too slowly and ganked a poor hunter surely going after the skinning, I apologized but… erh… It was kind of late…

Well, almost the same thing happened to me again last saturday. I was leveling my Death Knight, Blackfate (yes a Blood Elf! So what?) with Nimrasil who was with her Disc Priest (Triest). We were level 88 and in Towlong Steppes, you know, the quest where you have to kill some scorpions and gather 120 arrows?

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Addict? Who? Me?

February 6, 2014

There is actually an association which takes care of ex-WoW-addicts. No, I am not joking! There are several homepage and association working on the same WoW-addict? rinciple than AA, but it for WoW. It is built in the same way: The 12 steps for recovery and all. I made a comparison with the work that has been done with ex-drug addicts (I worked as a psychologist with ex-drug addicts in 1998-2000), and they are actually using an identicle methods: You have to confess your addiction, your “sin” so to speak and begin to fight the need you think you have of killing dwarves and other vermin online. 

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The End of WoW?

January 30, 2014

Let’s be honest, when they made Cataclysm, Blizzard made a huge mistake. Numbers speak their own language. The number of subscribers went upward from 2005 to 2010. Topped in 2010 and then came Cataclysm, and the numbers when down. A bit up right after Mists of Pandaria was released and since down again. We are soon down to the level we were in 2006.

See the chart here, from Statista:

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Tauren Uprising

This is an official appeal to all guild members by Meteron.

I have noticed an uprising Tauren hatred in the past few weeks. I have been personally discriminated as a burger, people were smacking their lips and talking of a MacTauren.


I cannot any longer endulge or stand this. I may seem strong outside by my heart is tender as minced meat. I have been crying in my cowshed and mooing to the gods to give me strength.


I officially declare my resistance to all Tauren haters. My horns stand firm against burger restaurants and burger consumers. I declare a new age of freedom for all Tauren.

We shall rise against the meat grinders that make our hearts sad and humiliate our calfs when going to the meadow to learn mowing the grass.

We are more than a source of fine meat or weenies. We are beings with a soul! Breathing and feeling like any other horde.

This is not some cowshit like someone asking who left the freezer open, the meat talked to me. This is serious!

I may be only one lovely cow now, but more will be inspired by the spice of my words.

I close my appeal with the words of a famous Tauren who said: How do you best serve a Tauren? Alive and kicking!

Thanks to all readers. I truly appreciate your taste in the right meat eeehm words.

The Day Triest Switched Faction and Became Horde

January 9, 2014

Triest didn’t grow up like the others…

She was born in the same little night elf village like her sisters, of course. But she quickly moved to the big city, Darnassus.

While her big sisters Laylael and Nimrasil would remember exploring their childhood area, listening to birds and deers and the beautiful melodies that hung in the air, she didn’t really recall anything from her early years.

When she was ten, things changed though.

She was told to start working, and she took up two professions that suited her well: Tailoring and Jewelcrafting.

She also discovered an awesome place to go, and that’s where she spend the rest of her childhood, all her youth and a huge part of her adult life: the battleground!

Triest grew up on the different battlegrounds and learned to kill and to heal.

When she was 48, still young for a night elf, she moved from Blade’s Edge (EU) to Sporeggar, a real realm where they didn’t only fight on battlegrounds, but where ever there was a spot shared between horde and alliance. She didn’t get into any fights, though.

She grew up to 72, but then she was left alone for two years. Nobody cared about her. Her sisters were sleeping, too. Laylael had followed her to Sporeggar, but Nimrasil and her half-sister Nezepher had stayed on Blade’s Edge. Triest was sad.

Then one day, things started to happen again. She was taken away, once more. She and her sister Laylael moved to a French country called Culte de la Rive Noire, and there she started to live a bit again. Instead of healing, she tried being more aggressive and showed her dark, shady, side. Only for a short while, though, from she was about 73 to 74.

Then things happened in a blur… She reached 85, but where? On the French realm? Or back on Sporeggar with her sisters? She couldn’t remember. And then she was left alone again and feeling sad once more.


Somebody moved her, again. She was so tired of moving. For three days she didn’t even have a name. Then she got it back. She was again Triest, but where? On Defias Brotherhood? And oh… What is that? What’s going on?


A short pain… then feeling calm again.

She looked in the mirror. She was the same inside, but feeling different somehow. She didn’t really know what it was. Sure, same hair color. Same hair style. Same gentle face… but where were her markings? And her eyes? They were no longer white and blinded by the light. They had turned green as emerald. Her ears were a bit shorter. She was thinner – must have been all that starving.

She stepped outside, but this wasn’t Stormwind. Nor Darnassus, the only city she really remembered. This was a strange city. She cried a bit. Her sister Laylael wasn’t with her. Nimrasil had left a long time ago, but she’d always been close to Laylael. Should the two of them never see each other again?


Triest swallowed. She wouldn’t allow herself to cry for long. She took a deep breath, and that’s when she saw her… New friends. New allies… but this time in a strange place. This was Silvermoon, her new home town, she was told.

She opened up her arms and hugged her new friends. Ready for new adventures. Maybe she would finally be happy and no longer alone? She hoped so.


Yes, There CAN Be Epic Wintergrasp!

January 2, 2014

Screenshot 2014 01 02 09 58 14

Once upon a time, Wintergrasp was THE place (sorry, forgot my French accent: ZE place), where there were epic fight. 

Nowadays, it is rather empty. I still use Wintergrasp when I am gearing up, but i stop doing it when I am all honor geared. Then I don’t need honor points anymore, but conquest points, and there are no conquest points in Wintergrasp (or Tol Barad, for that matter). So I only use these two battleground while gearing up.

Since I have played mostly on Sporeggar, my other Alliance on Steamwheedle Cartel and my Horde on Defias Brotherhood are almost totally ungeared (my Horde hunter, Gwenaelle, still has greens from when she was questing, her gear is simply outrageous). So I was gearing my main, my Night Elf warrior, Scorpyo and after Tol Barad, I was in Wintergrasp. 

I was alone there, killing NPC’s to get the necessary rank to make a vehicle to smash towers. I had passed rank 1 and was working on rank 2, when I saw, in Local Defense: Central Bridge is under attack.

Darn! There was a Horde, there. And played correctly, there is no way you can win Wintergrasp in one against one if you are defending. Not unless you are totally über geared and the other totally undergeared. Especially if you are Alliance defending against Horde: There is actually a bug, if you are Horde: If you have the quests and if you are attacking. You just need to kill one NPC and then you get instantly rank 2. You can have a vehicle in no time and go and attack the fortress.

While Told Barad gives roughly 150 honor point when you lose, Wintergrasp only gives 15. So here I was on the bridge, on my mount, thinking if I wanted to keep on fighting (and most likely lose) or just go out and do something else.

Then I saw him, a Tauren death knight with close to 500k in health. He stopped and looked at me. I had my finger on the “Leave Wintergrasp” and was just about to click when he death-gripped me.

Well… He obviously had taken another decision.

The fight began.

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Choppa Chicks Became Darkspear Rebellion

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner (click for larger version)

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner (click for larger version)

Wow, thanks a lot for so many great suggestions. There were several I liked very much. But not even among my own suggestions did I find THE name I thought would fit the guild.

I wanted it to show that we were a PvP guild, that we did role-playing light, and it should also be part of the lore (which, of course, is connected with the role-playing).

Today, I was asked if I hadn’t taken a decision yet, and no, I hadn’t. I read again all the good suggestions, and came up with a few more in guild chat.

Then Lehiya quoted from the lore:Continue reading

Help Finding a New Name for “Choppa Chicks”

When we created “Choppa Chicks” back in 2009, the hottest vehicle in the world was the “choppa”. Back then you had to buy a mount for each character, and only two of my alliance characters had one – none of my horde chars. That’s why the guild motto was to make gold to buy a choppa.

Choppa Chicks

Now, luckily, the guild is no longer just populated by “chicks”, and the chopper is almost an archaic mount. So I thought it was time to change the guild name.

I got some suggestions, and I want more, and I want to hear your opinion about the different names. I would love the name to show both that we’re a horde guild, that we do a little bit of role playing, and that we do PvP.

We have had or still have guilds that are called “Scream Aim Fire”, “The Elephant’s Nest” (on Age of Conan), “The Redeemers”… I would have loved “Requiem”, but that name is taken on Defias Brotherhood.

So far I’ve gotten the following suggestions:

  1. Gotcha
  2. Resilience
  3. Tribal
  4. Brutal
  5. Black Clover
  6. Second Life
  7. Ruled by Magic
  8. Magick by Design
  9. Tormented by Magic
  10. The Old Hag and the Harem
  11. The Chronicles of Nah
  12. Eo(something, Met?)

That’s the ones I remember reading or hearing.

Please add your comments and suggestions in the comments.

The Mosquito

Avatar12439 1

I was with Mazal (my Blood-Elf rogue on Arathor) and after I got exalted with the Shado Pan, I went to the Isle of Thunder to do my daily PvP-quest-chain. 

Everything went fine. I hardly met a soul. 

On my way back, when I arrived in Horde’s camp, I saw an Alliance Death Knight fighting some of the guards. He had direction towards the Fel Reaver Robot (Made for War daily). As usual, I just stealthed and went all the way around to hand in my quest and not to disturb him.

From an other server where I have hordes, a RPPvP-realm (Defias Brotherhood), we kind of let each other quest without bothering each other. There is a kind of truce on Isle of Thunder so we can quest without ganking each other. It happens, of course, but it’s rare. 

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