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The Mosquito

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I was with Mazal (my Blood-Elf rogue on Arathor) and after I got exalted with the Shado Pan, I went to the Isle of Thunder to do my daily PvP-quest-chain. 

Everything went fine. I hardly met a soul. 

On my way back, when I arrived in Horde’s camp, I saw an Alliance Death Knight fighting some of the guards. He had direction towards the Fel Reaver Robot (Made for War daily). As usual, I just stealthed and went all the way around to hand in my quest and not to disturb him.

From an other server where I have hordes, a RPPvP-realm (Defias Brotherhood), we kind of let each other quest without bothering each other. There is a kind of truce on Isle of Thunder so we can quest without ganking each other. It happens, of course, but it’s rare. 

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