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Nice Little Titanium Node Honey Pot

Shadel was out roaming… I mean, mining.  First in Wintergrasp, where a warlock tried to kill me, but he got killed himself by a Draenei shaman, he hadn’t seen.

Pity 😉

Then in Sholazar.

I noticed a blood elf paladin, who were mining on the same route as me, but I was slightly ahead. Once I let him see me land beside a saronite node, and then I stealthed. He stayed over me for a while on his flying mount, probably considering whether or not to go down and take his chances with a  stealthed rogue.

He chose to continue.

I saw him again a little later. Again, I was ahead of him and could mine.

Then I was all alone for a while, and since my poison just expired on both blades, and since I had almost 100 saronite ores, I decided to go home to Dalaran.

But then I spotted a titanium node, and I took a fatal decision.

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PvP is More Than Just Gear

Today, I was leveling up my herbalism and inscription on my level 31 warlock, Meille. After my skills reached 100, I was headed for Ashenvale, and since I was in the neighborhood, I went to Ratchet to finish a warlock quest.

I got the quest item and was on my way to turn it in, when I noticed a lvl 25 troll shaman. Since we were inside Ratchet, I didn’t keep an eye on him. Just noticed that he was there.

Then I discovered that a totem was attacking me. To my huge surprise, he had planted one totem (one!), and it was sending some spells at me. I also discovered that he was sending spells at me. I was still puzzled by this, but automatically started to send him damage over time spells, and more immediate ones.

He kept where he was and kept firing at me. I responded, and his health went down with increasing speed. Just before he died, I figured I would send some fear his way to make sure that he didn’t flee or heal, but there wasn’t even time. He died. Standing there beside his sole totem, he died miserably. That was the end of Trolollollol.

An NPC came after me, so I ran off and started to heal myself.

Then I thought about the whole thing. Why did he attack me? After all, he was only lvl 25, and I was 31 (maybe 32 at that moment). Oh, yes, he had higher health than me (almost 1,000 against my almost 800). That could have been why he dared to attack.

Oh, or maybe my gear? I checked my character and discovered that my chest and legs were level 13, I wore only one ring, the gloves were grey, and the boots didn’t even show a level. They had five armor, no intellect, stamina or anything. Obviously, I wore neither necklace or hat.

So with my noobish gear, I must have looked like an easy victim.

I met the troll a while later. He had leveled up, and was now 31. I was 33. He pretended not to see me, so I laughed at him and continued on my way through the Barrens.

Darnassus under attack… Really?

Well, yesterday night… rather this morning, Nim and I were very tired and agreed to go to bed early. After a funny little dungeon and a drink with Meteron, I just wanted to check business with all my ladies before logging off.

When I arrived to my AH character, who is in Darnassus, I could see: Darnassus is under attack.

So I went to see what it was.

Two paladins, who had the very inventive names Cptdynasty and Captdestiny (no comments!) were in the Temple of the Moon, trying to take down the leader.

Should I stay or should I go?

It was late, it was close to 02:00 AM (Jerusalem time), they were two, I was one… Unless Nim had enough energy to come? Baaah? wasn’t it too late?

When I told Nim that there were two Hordes in Darnassus: You want me to switch to Laylael? she asked.

I switched to Silah and I knew, we wouldn’t go to bed early as planned…

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One of these Days…

It was one of these days where nothing goes right.

I had played Age of Conan before and was in a raid with a guy having the stupid name Gandalf (character from Lord of the Rings) nagging me.

Then I decided to go to World of Warcraft. I had some nice conversation with Scorpyo and Nimrasil and thought: “Hey this might still become a fine day”, wrong thought.

After a short break I went to Zul’Drak to farm some borean leather. And as if Gandalf, already called Schandalf, hadn’t been enough I met Karlwarr with his rogue Siegheil, pardon, Siegrogue. He ganked me and went on to roam in the area where I wanted to farm, I rezzed and he ganked me again.

So I called Scorpyo with her rogue Silah to help, knowing she is a very experienced PvP-Player and could probably help me. She killed Siegheil, pardon, Siegrogue and everything seemed fine.

Wrong thought again. A guy named Karlwarr whispered me how pitiful I was to call a guildie for help. Not willing to accept that he had been defeated by Silah he kept whispering me and whispering me about alliance cowards, delicious flesh and not being insane. I finally told him his psycho-war was kind of odd and put him on ignore.

This is another great example how hordes on the Molten-WoW-Server Ragnaros behave like disgusting idiots and blame people for things they just did themselves 5 minutes ago.

And yes: Later I was ganked by a guildie of Karlwarr and I could not tell him how pitiful he was because I already had put him on ignore.

Trieste to Killed Horde DK: Well, I’m a Granny – What Do You Want?

Yesterday, I went out to do the Dalaran dailies with Trieste. The fishing daily sent me to Sholazar to catch a fish. I got it on the first throw, spotted a horde, but he disappeared.

Then I wanted to HS to turn in the quest, but stopped right in the action. I thought: “Why should I waste all that time, flying to Sholazar to catch a fish, and then go right back? Why not roam a bit to see if there are hordes around?”

And so I did.

A few minutes later, I spotted one, just before I left Wintergrasp. He disappeared, re-appeared, and in guild chat I asked Scorps if she knew where he could be, based on the mobs I could see him target.

Yes, said Scorpyo. He’s inside the cave, you see right after crossing the border to Dragon Blight.

I landed and entered the cave. I saw an alliance druid leaving the cave and hoped that he hadn’t killed the horde.

Then I saw the Death Knight, Zenix. He was standing on a platform a little above me. I stopped and stared at him, trying to figure out how to get up to him. I started crawling, but went nowhere.

He then committed a very noobish error that was all to my advantage. I mean, he could have sent all kinds of diseases after me down there, even his ghoul, and I wouldn’t have been able to do a lot. But noob as he was, he started out with a Death Grib.

While I flew through the air, mentally thanking him for this move, I dotted him. The moment I landed, I shielded and send a harsh spell after him. While I was preparing for the next spell, he started getting out his Army of Death.

That didn’t disturb me much. I had a plan, and I followed it, so I kept working on him with my spells, shielded, healed myself when necessary, and in no time, he was dead. Together with Da Boys (his army).

He didn’t reappear, but while I went for the exit, I saw another DK inside the cave. Grommarsh. He looked at me. I looked at him. Then he attacked.

He got my health a lot down, and I was healing myself a lot more than with the first DK. The alliance druid, I saw leaving the cave earlier, came back when the DK was almost dead, but I had lost a lot of health myself. He hit the DK, and we took him down.

The DK whispered me:

“Sorry pal”

“No need to be sorry. I killed you.”

He then asked if it made me feel like a real man.

“Certainly not!”, I replied. “I’m a woman.”

“Oh, well done, then. But noobish to have to be 2.”

“I didn’t invite him.”

He resurrected and came back. I stood still and looked at him. He went further away, still not with much health. We whispered together, while he walked. Then he stood still. I waited for him to either attack or leave me alone.

Then he took out his army of death, and I attacked him. He was down in a second.

It turned out that he had attacked the druid with his army, not me.

Again he whispered and complained that this was 2v1. I answered: Well, I’m a granny. What do you want? – But he had already logged off.

Horde is feeling too much like home…


On Ragnaros, it looks like Horde is so sure of owning everything, that they don’t expect getting hit.

You can’t quest around a Horde without them trying (even sometimes foolishly, like Nim explained in her post: Such Insolence, Such Arrogance Should Be Punished) to kill you.

So me, who takes the principle that we don’t need to fight each other each time we meet, have changed pretty much here on Ragnaros.

If someone ganks me or tries to kill me (wether I flee because time isn’t here yet or to gain strength to come back straight after), there is a payback time.

But like Napoleon said: La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid (Vengeance is a dish, that has to be eaten cold – meaning, it’s better when you wait), so it is not always coming right away.

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If your name is on the list…

OlfsoLet me tell it straight away: On Ragnaros, Horde is worse than any other places I have been (both as Alliance and as Horde), and I am really happy my Hordes aren’t on this realm.

They gank and they can be 2 or 3 on one, but on 1 vs 1, they generally suck plenty.

While I was leveling and before I got geared, I got very often ganked this way… So does it go with Meteron and Nim.

But I do actually keep a list of these people (it’s automatic, I just have to add a note), unless I can come back and avenge myself right after, of course, like it was the case with Eladius.

Giving you another example:  A Horde lvl 60’ish was i Honor Hold. He didn’t have anything to do here, so I ganked him (at the time, Silah was 80 but not geared yet, her gear was 72 – 78 at best). Then the guy whispered me…

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Such Insolence – Such Arrogance – Must Be Punished

Azazelle, lvl 57, one of Scorps alts, asked me, Celesti, lvl 80 badly equipped Death Knight, to boost her through Stratholme. So I waited for her in Eastern Plagueland. She didn’t have the flight path yet, so she had to come all the way from Ironforge.

While I waited, and just before Azazelle arrived, I noticed a blood elf hunter, lvl 68, by the name Eyegreen. He was targetting different NPC’s, and he hadn’t seen me, yet.

After I’ve followed his wandering around for a couple of minutes, he finally saw me. I just kept looking at him without doing anything. So he switched his focus to something else.

Then Azazelle arrived.

To be honest, I didn’t think he would have the nerve to attack her, with me standing near him, and with us clearly belonging to the same guild.

I don’t know what the guy thought about, but he sent his pet to attack Azazelle, and I grabbed him and killed him with one blow.

Afterwards, Azazelle spitted on his dead body and whispered him and told him just how noobish he was.

Eyegreen tried to gank Azazelle

Eyegreen the noob attacked Azazelle

I kept babbling about how I didn’t expect him to attack. How can anyone be so stupid? I don’t remember his hair, this green eyed blood elf, but it must have been blonde.

Eyegreen has managed to get 4 PvP kills

Eyegreen has managed to get 4 PvP kills

I just checked him on the Armory. He’s reached lvl 80, and he has 4 PvP kills in his record. So besides ganking lowlevel players, he’s managed to at least participate in 4 kills of persons who were his level or just below him.

Bravo! 😉

*ss-kicking has started


Yesterday… Rather… This morning, I was running around in Ashenvale with my new noobish warlock, Azazelle, she was level 45 at that time and on her way to Feralas to level (she is, right now, 48).

I had just made some macros so I wanted to test them on low level mobs while I was on my way. So did I.

While I was killing low level mobs, a level 80 bloodelf hunter,Eladius, came by.

Do you think he passed by? Do you think he moved along?

Of course not!

According to the Horde’s honorless code… of course he dismounted and ganked me.

And I got p!ssed. Horde here are just a bunch of gankers and they are unable to PvP unless 1) they are 2 to 1 (at least) or 2) they are much higher level (even a couple of level higher, they are easy to take down, did it plenty of times).

So I switched to my rogue, Silah

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