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Clan Battlehammer’s New Technic: AFK-PvP

October 10, 2017

Now and then we go Tol Barad. Sometimes I am alone, and sometimes with Nim. And regularly I can see a ghost-dwarf-hunter showing up. But just a few seconds, then he disappears. I just never could get my hands on him.

So I became curious. I checked him on armory (here he is). Marskmanship dwarf hunter, 823 ilvl. Not much, but several of my new 110 have a lower ilvl than that. But he does have prestige 2 and honor lvl 49... How could he do it? Battlegrounds?

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Lindoria’s Adventures in the Air AFK (PvP)

February 7, 2016

Talk about an unlucky rogue…

A few days ago, I tried to take a player down with my fire mage. Something bugged… Or maybe taking him down from the air didn’t work on Dalaran WoW?

There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by trying again, so when my Death Knight, Kerachel, spotted a rogue in the air, hovering on his bird, I took out Taldore on a mission.

Now, Taldore is a frost mage, so I couldn’t use the same spells I could with my fire mage. It took me several trips up in the air, dropping from my bird, casting spells, until I finally got the rogue.Continue reading

Control Wizard Neverwinter

I haven’t yet tried all classes in Neverwinter, but so far there are two that stands out for me as my favorites, and they are the Oathbound Paladin and the Control Wizard.

It’s hard to kill the paladin in arenas, but the CW is more fragile. Especially when you’re new to the game and haven’t learned the tricks, yet. (Hehe, I learned some nice ones about discovering stealth Trickster Rogues last night).Continue reading

Oathbound Paladin Neverwinter

The Oathbound Paladin is a relatively new class in Neverwinter. And therefore is it OP at the moment.

It rocks!

My paladin, Galit, is pure PvP-breed, but my feats and powers might be a mixture, since I’m new to this. I’m simply sharing my build here to help a friend, who’s completely new to MMORPGs and who wants to create a paladin.Continue reading

Botter Accused Nezepher of Being a Bot

Have you ever been on a battleground where people were raging?

Oh, you have?

Well, yesterday was our alliance day, so we were on Sporeggar. I had gotten new PvP gear for my relatively new level 90 shaman, Nezepher, so I wanted to test it in a few battlegrounds.

When I entered this one, Arathi Basin, people were already gathered in the court yard in front of the little house we arrive in. I stepped outside, and saw somebody ask for health stones. Another one said something in a Dutch. The little I understood of it was “open your eyes”. So I looked around and saw the soulwell, oddly placed to the left of the entrance to the house.

I went over there, grabbed a healthstone and then Vìvi from Defias Brotherhood said:

“Nezepher is a bot. Report her.”

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Yes, There CAN Be Epic Wintergrasp!

January 2, 2014

Screenshot 2014 01 02 09 58 14

Once upon a time, Wintergrasp was THE place (sorry, forgot my French accent: ZE place), where there were epic fight. 

Nowadays, it is rather empty. I still use Wintergrasp when I am gearing up, but i stop doing it when I am all honor geared. Then I don’t need honor points anymore, but conquest points, and there are no conquest points in Wintergrasp (or Tol Barad, for that matter). So I only use these two battleground while gearing up.

Since I have played mostly on Sporeggar, my other Alliance on Steamwheedle Cartel and my Horde on Defias Brotherhood are almost totally ungeared (my Horde hunter, Gwenaelle, still has greens from when she was questing, her gear is simply outrageous). So I was gearing my main, my Night Elf warrior, Scorpyo and after Tol Barad, I was in Wintergrasp. 

I was alone there, killing NPC’s to get the necessary rank to make a vehicle to smash towers. I had passed rank 1 and was working on rank 2, when I saw, in Local Defense: Central Bridge is under attack.

Darn! There was a Horde, there. And played correctly, there is no way you can win Wintergrasp in one against one if you are defending. Not unless you are totally über geared and the other totally undergeared. Especially if you are Alliance defending against Horde: There is actually a bug, if you are Horde: If you have the quests and if you are attacking. You just need to kill one NPC and then you get instantly rank 2. You can have a vehicle in no time and go and attack the fortress.

While Told Barad gives roughly 150 honor point when you lose, Wintergrasp only gives 15. So here I was on the bridge, on my mount, thinking if I wanted to keep on fighting (and most likely lose) or just go out and do something else.

Then I saw him, a Tauren death knight with close to 500k in health. He stopped and looked at me. I had my finger on the “Leave Wintergrasp” and was just about to click when he death-gripped me.

Well… He obviously had taken another decision.

The fight began.

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The Mosquito

Avatar12439 1

I was with Mazal (my Blood-Elf rogue on Arathor) and after I got exalted with the Shado Pan, I went to the Isle of Thunder to do my daily PvP-quest-chain. 

Everything went fine. I hardly met a soul. 

On my way back, when I arrived in Horde’s camp, I saw an Alliance Death Knight fighting some of the guards. He had direction towards the Fel Reaver Robot (Made for War daily). As usual, I just stealthed and went all the way around to hand in my quest and not to disturb him.

From an other server where I have hordes, a RPPvP-realm (Defias Brotherhood), we kind of let each other quest without bothering each other. There is a kind of truce on Isle of Thunder so we can quest without ganking each other. It happens, of course, but it’s rare. 

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Kevin Mokrosh


(01/07-2013) – In French, in WoW, there are “noobs”, and there are also a “Kevin.”

Because of the variety of American sitcoms in French television, there has been a wave of “Kevin”, “Brandon”, “Jack”, etc. When the video-games really became used, the smallest players were very young, and many got noticed because of their stupidity.

So a “Kevin”, in French, is a kind of noob. Pretty stupid and, very often, he will believe that he is better than others. 

We met Kevin Mokrosh yesterday, sunday, while doing our PvP-quests on the Isle of Thunder at around 10 AM. 

As a rule of thumb, we generally let Horde (or Alliance, depending on which side we are playing) quest, while on Isle of Thunder, and most of them let us quest without problems… except on Culte de la Rive Noire.

Horde there is much more aggressive than good and you can be sure they will attack you, whether you are on your or on their territory.

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All Right, Guys, This Is How You Do It!


Last Saturday, June 22nd, at around 22h00, when I was in the AH in Orgrimmar, on Defias Brotherhood with my AH char, I suddenly saw in trade that Alliance was doing For the Alliance.

Silvermoon had fallen, Thunderbluff had fallen, they were marching towards Undercity.

Message were passing quickly by in the trade channel. We had to make a raid group to defend. I switched to my Paladin, Lehiya, called on to Nim, who switched to her Death Knight, Runathel and we got invited into the raid group. 

At first, there was some confusion: Should we make our stand in Undercity or in Orgrimmar? 

Personally, like many Hordes, I hate Garrosh and anyone killing him would be my hero. I love Sylvana. She has style, she is beautiful.

She is great! So Runathel and I went to Undercity. 

There, we were about 10 people waiting for the Alliance to come. I have done it before. The place is quite closed, there are a lot of guards who are easily aggroed, plus bats, so you can easily get a raid group to wipe there with 10 people. 

But then, disturbing news came from the trade channel. The Alliance gathered a third raid-group. They were close to 100 people marching.

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Furiax got relaxed


Each day, or almost, Nim and I are doing our “morning PvP”. I want to speak about the PvP-quests on Isle of Thunder.

We generally start with our Alliance, on Culte de la Rive Noire, then we move on to our Horde on Defias Brotherhood.

On Defias Brotherhood, Alliance is pretty cool. They generally pass by us when we are questing (with the exception of a couple of guys, but more about them another day).

So when we are in our “town” and see them questing, we don’t bother them and do the same. We let them quest. I believe it is the rule more than the exception from both sides.

But on Culte de la Rive Noire (RP-PvP), things are somewhat different. The Horde is pretty aggressive and each time we just passed by some Horde who were questing and let them be, we have regretted it. Each bleeding single time, they attacked us.

They died each time by the way since we are two stealth, Laylael (resto-druid) and Tzila (rogue – who, by the way, just got her own personal 10,000 kills) and they, most often only see one of us, generally Laylael. 

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