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Botter Accused Nezepher of Being a Bot

Have you ever been on a battleground where people were raging?

Oh, you have?

Well, yesterday was our alliance day, so we were on Sporeggar. I had gotten new PvP gear for my relatively new level 90 shaman, Nezepher, so I wanted to test it in a few battlegrounds.

When I entered this one, Arathi Basin, people were already gathered in the court yard in front of the little house we arrive in. I stepped outside, and saw somebody ask for health stones. Another one said something in a Dutch. The little I understood of it was “open your eyes”. So I looked around and saw the soulwell, oddly placed to the left of the entrance to the house.

I went over there, grabbed a healthstone and then Vìvi from Defias Brotherhood said:

“Nezepher is a bot. Report her.”

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See Ironforge and die

dieinif.jpgIt looks like there is a new trend in Blade’s Edge’s Horde: They want to come to Ironforge to die.

The last couple of morning, they came in small groups in Ironforge to kill AH or bank or guards. This morning at 05:30 and yesterday morning at 04:30.

Maybe they spawn here about once a day?

Yesterday, it was real pros a paladin healer, Charmas, a warrior, Passive and a Death Knight, Bárbs. They were wearing Wrathfull set and seemed quite used to work as team. Loads of experience from Arena, I guess.

When I arrived at Ironforge to do the Brewfest quest, they were here and an Alliance was already dead because he, strangly enough, couldn’t solo them.

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09/12 = Bad day for the Horde

darnassus.jpgLast sunday, september 12th, was a real bad day for Horde. Wherever they met Warriors, they died.

It started in Exodar right after I logged on with my Warrior, Scorpyo. There was this Blood Elf Paladin (Virion) killing vendors.

I wasn’t sure I could take him alone so I went on with my business.

When I went out of the bank, there was this Death Knight Gnome, Forkface, looking at Virion. I stopped and looked. No one was moving.

Forkface just whispered to me: Ready?

As my only answer, I groupped with him and said: r

Then, Virion was totally smashed. We hardly missed health at all. Scorpyo is prot-warrior, so I mainly kept the paladin stunned so he couldn’t heal or do anything while Forkface hit.

A couple of hours later, I was with my rogue, Silah, in Darnassus, doing business…

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Good Bye Warriors

bye.jpgNext Saturday, Saturday 12th. of june at 12:00 server time, Nim and I officially close the guild for members.

That means that all members, except from one of Nim’s char and one of mine, are going to be kicked out of the guild.

In short: We tried to have a guild with a social life and talking, and fun, and things, but it didn’t work.

Very often, only Nim and I are online. Some people pass by, without saying hello or goodbye, except when they need advice or help and, to be honest, it is pretty boring.

Nim and I have a real good relation to the people of <Godless> and we can’t really be together with them because we have other responsabilities (this guild), and somehow, it gets boring that we have to sacrifice some of our fun for many that don’t show sign that they care, or aren’t online anyway.

So we move all our chars (except from a couple because of business) to <Godless>.

Take what you can and what you need from the bank before closing time, you are free to do so. The 12th of june, I will kick the few that haven’t left, then I will see how much gold there is in guildbank, sell/disenchant, whatever that doesn’t belong to us and send to each member, what becomes to them out from what they gave in their time in the guild.

In a couple of years now, we have organized parties, fun and all, and in short, if we don’t do it, no one does, so this is getting too boring for us.

Therefore, we stop now while we still have fun and move on.

Thank you to everyone for the funny hours we have had together, even though I would have wished, there had been more of them.

Mashmanat are 80

nat80.jpg Two new level 80’s in Warriors of the North.

Mashmanigun made it to level 80 april 20th, and little Nathanaelle 4 days later, the 24th (at 05:33 server time to be precise).

Boss has now 7 level 80s and Morgog is working on his third. Same with Nimrasil, her 3rd level 80 (Laylael, i fact her first character ever) is now level 70 so… more 80’s coming soon.

We will end up having a full raid group of 80’s in Warriors of the North… But only 5 of them in the same time.

Going to plan some kind of party but haven’t find an idea yet.

Problem is to find a moment when Mahsmanigun is online. He did manage to miss his level 80 party with Morgog.

Gz gz to us – stay tuned.


nethernat.jpg Nathanaelle was quicker than Lehiya, former record. Lehiya got her Netherdrake in 9 days.

Nathanaelle, level 73 Gnome Mage, got hers in 4 days.

What was the difference?

First of all, I discovered a new quest, that I didn’t know of. I don’t know at all if it is repeatable. As soon as I find out, I’ll update our Nether Drake Mount Guide (on our forum). I’ll find out in a couple of days – so stay tuned.

Second, Blizzard has obviously nerfed the Dragonmaw Race. Meaning:

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Go Down With Style

taegra.jpgSo! She made it!

Taegra, our healer druid, hit 80 the on february 27th.

You can see her under the traditional “level 80 jumping around in Dalaran dance”.

Of course, we had to celebrate.

So we had a party with the Warriors to celebrate that and we called the party “Going Down With Style”

It could also have been called: Suicidal Guild Party.

The idea was to give as many as possible the Going Down Achievement (Fall 65 yards without dying)…

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Time surely flies!

Again a level 80 in our guild. Time surely flies! In fact, we had two level 80 real soon after each other, but we haven’t got the party for Taegra yet. So more to come. Dan wanted a nice picture of guildies, so we quite naturally went to our headquarters, Astranaar to take a picture. Here it is (click on the picture to see it 100 % size):

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Hooray for Nez and Malka


So we did it again! Nimrasil’s alt, our favorite shaman, Nezepher the Explorer hit 80 today.

At 11:13 (server time) in Storm Peaks (K3 – to be precise), the last 21,000 points got Nez over the magic number.

Teshar, who was the only one online at this time of day was ready to celebrate and met Nez at the Exodar. She made a beautifull FlowerDance.

If you look attentively, you will see that Teshar makes a big 8 and a big 0 with the flowers.


See the movie here.

Malka hit 80 at 22:53 and has already been used as healer in quite a few heroics. I don’t think she will have problems getting invites (clic on the picture to see it in 100% size).

Malka is the boss’ fifth level 80. Nezepher is miniboss’ second level 80.

Teshar grew up

Nezepher and I met Teshar the first time long time ago. The guild was really young then, we were 3 in it and we met Teshar with our alts. We were on Deadmine’s level.

It was one of the most absurd Deadmines ever where we kept dying so I ended up sending BlackScorpyo to help and Teshar ended up in my friendlist.

Then, one day, Brotherchive (the third one from our guild) told us, he wanted to invite someone… It was Tesh.

So Teshar has been in from the beginning of the guild.

Always helpfull, always here for us, always something to say and great person to ask about differences in the english language.

At the beginning, I saw Tesh was putting gray things in the bank. I didn’t know how to tell her “thanks, but no thanks” without hurting her feelings.

So I offer her to check her gear and in this talk, I explained the difference between gray, white, green, blue, purple, etc.

It is first now that Tesh got the news 🙂

Tesh has learn a lot since that time and now, since the 21st of january, got to level 80… time surely passes!

So of course, we had to make a party and what is better than to surprise a rogue?

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