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Intro to ESO for WoW players

January 24, 2020

Correction: I say in the video, that you can change faction after. This is not possible. You can change your race and faction but you can’t change faction without changing race. What the ability from the store lets you do, is when you create a new character you can choose any race and any alliance, so you can have say, a Breton in Aldmeri Dominion. But once you have made your character, if you want to switch to another faction, you’ll have to change race to a race that has this faction.

Important links:

What race to choose:

Link to keybinder addon:

You put your addons in: Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns

Link to builds (also for beginners):

Here are the six free rooms – grab one being in each area with six different characters:

  • Sugar Bowl Suite – Northern Elsweyr (Rimmen)
  • Mara’s Kiss Public House – Auridon
  • The Rosy Lion – Glenumbria
  • The Ebony Flask Inn Room – Stonefalls
  • Saint Delyn Penthouse – Vvardenfell
  • Golden Gryphon Garret – Summerset


April 16, 2016

We started to play Tera a couple of weeks ago, and it is a game we have been fond of from start. Really nice graphics, interesting combat, funny quests, interesting leveling, beautiful music...

So we are on the server Highwatch (US) and of course, we made a guild: Scream Aim Fire, but we are not recruiting at the moment. Since we like to help guildies and that, right now, we don't know the game well enough to be able to do that, we will be waiting before we eventually begin to recruit.

I guess we'll soon will be posting builds, tips and tricks and some of our adventures.

Stay tuned!

WoW: Game over

Skærmbillede 2015-05-17 10.14WoW has changed over the year. There have been good things, of course, but also bad things.

Cataclysm was really bad. It was when we decided to stop. Back then, I had 9 level 80’s and one level 78, but I quit: Too many bugs in the extension, stupid changes… Terrible. I came back two and a half year later, with Pandaria. Some things had been changed and became better again so the game was playable.

But Panda was neither “joke” as Blizzard tried to tell us later on, it wasn’t in the lore as they pretended to justify it (yeah, there was the picture of a Panda in Warcraft III… Hardly something you can say ‘belongs to the lore’). It was a poor trial in getting more on the chinese market.

… But it didn’t work.

And now, Blizzard is tightning the grip:

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Beware of Good Reflexes

February 13, 2014


Sometimes, in WoW, just like in anything else, you might get into a state of “baaaaûûûûm”, you, know, if you do a lot of repetitive actions, then you get the combo in your fingers which just run on the keyboard and you think of something else while killing, gathering arrows or any other stupid thing.

I remember once, I was boosting a friend in Wailing Caverns with my Blood-Elf death knight. We were on our way out and I was just chain-killing the dinosaures on our way out: Tab -Icy Touch – Tab – Icy Touch – Tab <Ho? I didn’t remember there were bears in here> – Icy Touch <Nyaaaaaaaah> (the very dramatic sound of a Night Elf hunter dying). In my mantra I reacted too slowly and ganked a poor hunter surely going after the skinning, I apologized but… erh… It was kind of late…

Well, almost the same thing happened to me again last saturday. I was leveling my Death Knight, Blackfate (yes a Blood Elf! So what?) with Nimrasil who was with her Disc Priest (Triest). We were level 88 and in Towlong Steppes, you know, the quest where you have to kill some scorpions and gather 120 arrows?

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Addict? Who? Me?

February 6, 2014

There is actually an association which takes care of ex-WoW-addicts. No, I am not joking! There are several homepage and association working on the same WoW-addict? rinciple than AA, but it for WoW. It is built in the same way: The 12 steps for recovery and all. I made a comparison with the work that has been done with ex-drug addicts (I worked as a psychologist with ex-drug addicts in 1998-2000), and they are actually using an identicle methods: You have to confess your addiction, your “sin” so to speak and begin to fight the need you think you have of killing dwarves and other vermin online. 

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The End of WoW?

January 30, 2014

Let’s be honest, when they made Cataclysm, Blizzard made a huge mistake. Numbers speak their own language. The number of subscribers went upward from 2005 to 2010. Topped in 2010 and then came Cataclysm, and the numbers when down. A bit up right after Mists of Pandaria was released and since down again. We are soon down to the level we were in 2006.

See the chart here, from Statista:

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The Day Triest Switched Faction and Became Horde

January 9, 2014

Triest didn’t grow up like the others…

She was born in the same little night elf village like her sisters, of course. But she quickly moved to the big city, Darnassus.

While her big sisters Laylael and Nimrasil would remember exploring their childhood area, listening to birds and deers and the beautiful melodies that hung in the air, she didn’t really recall anything from her early years.

When she was ten, things changed though.

She was told to start working, and she took up two professions that suited her well: Tailoring and Jewelcrafting.

She also discovered an awesome place to go, and that’s where she spend the rest of her childhood, all her youth and a huge part of her adult life: the battleground!

Triest grew up on the different battlegrounds and learned to kill and to heal.

When she was 48, still young for a night elf, she moved from Blade’s Edge (EU) to Sporeggar, a real realm where they didn’t only fight on battlegrounds, but where ever there was a spot shared between horde and alliance. She didn’t get into any fights, though.

She grew up to 72, but then she was left alone for two years. Nobody cared about her. Her sisters were sleeping, too. Laylael had followed her to Sporeggar, but Nimrasil and her half-sister Nezepher had stayed on Blade’s Edge. Triest was sad.

Then one day, things started to happen again. She was taken away, once more. She and her sister Laylael moved to a French country called Culte de la Rive Noire, and there she started to live a bit again. Instead of healing, she tried being more aggressive and showed her dark, shady, side. Only for a short while, though, from she was about 73 to 74.

Then things happened in a blur… She reached 85, but where? On the French realm? Or back on Sporeggar with her sisters? She couldn’t remember. And then she was left alone again and feeling sad once more.


Somebody moved her, again. She was so tired of moving. For three days she didn’t even have a name. Then she got it back. She was again Triest, but where? On Defias Brotherhood? And oh… What is that? What’s going on?


A short pain… then feeling calm again.

She looked in the mirror. She was the same inside, but feeling different somehow. She didn’t really know what it was. Sure, same hair color. Same hair style. Same gentle face… but where were her markings? And her eyes? They were no longer white and blinded by the light. They had turned green as emerald. Her ears were a bit shorter. She was thinner – must have been all that starving.

She stepped outside, but this wasn’t Stormwind. Nor Darnassus, the only city she really remembered. This was a strange city. She cried a bit. Her sister Laylael wasn’t with her. Nimrasil had left a long time ago, but she’d always been close to Laylael. Should the two of them never see each other again?


Triest swallowed. She wouldn’t allow herself to cry for long. She took a deep breath, and that’s when she saw her… New friends. New allies… but this time in a strange place. This was Silvermoon, her new home town, she was told.

She opened up her arms and hugged her new friends. Ready for new adventures. Maybe she would finally be happy and no longer alone? She hoped so.


Help Finding a New Name for “Choppa Chicks”

When we created “Choppa Chicks” back in 2009, the hottest vehicle in the world was the “choppa”. Back then you had to buy a mount for each character, and only two of my alliance characters had one – none of my horde chars. That’s why the guild motto was to make gold to buy a choppa.

Choppa Chicks

Now, luckily, the guild is no longer just populated by “chicks”, and the chopper is almost an archaic mount. So I thought it was time to change the guild name.

I got some suggestions, and I want more, and I want to hear your opinion about the different names. I would love the name to show both that we’re a horde guild, that we do a little bit of role playing, and that we do PvP.

We have had or still have guilds that are called “Scream Aim Fire”, “The Elephant’s Nest” (on Age of Conan), “The Redeemers”… I would have loved “Requiem”, but that name is taken on Defias Brotherhood.

So far I’ve gotten the following suggestions:

  1. Gotcha
  2. Resilience
  3. Tribal
  4. Brutal
  5. Black Clover
  6. Second Life
  7. Ruled by Magic
  8. Magick by Design
  9. Tormented by Magic
  10. The Old Hag and the Harem
  11. The Chronicles of Nah
  12. Eo(something, Met?)

That’s the ones I remember reading or hearing.

Please add your comments and suggestions in the comments.

The Dwarf’s Birthday – and I Got a Present (wow!)

Early yesterday morning, I found an email from my friend, The Dwarf, aka Belothazar. He had written it sometimes during the night, my time, and he asked me why I wasn’t online on such an epic day.

BelothazarI had no idea what he was talking about…

But of course, I went online later that day, and there I got the explaination: It was the dwarf’s birthday!

I had nothing prepared 🙁 But we met, and he opened up a trade box.

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The Boss Is Back

December 14, 2012

WoWScrnShot 121412 095453

After over two years, Scorpyo and Nimrasil are back in retail-WoW. We got back the 20th of november 2012 to be exact.

We didn’t want to say anything at first, because we were not sure we would stay at all. We started with a ten day’s trial.

The story stopped for Scorpyo October 26th 2010. Different things had an influence:

– The patch 4.0 was here. Things were changed to point where it was really boring. And it was so bugged that I couldn’t fly on Northrend. I crashed every ten (10) seconds (this is not an expression. It was a crash every 10 seconds!)

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