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Control Wizard Neverwinter

I haven’t yet tried all classes in Neverwinter, but so far there are two that stands out for me as my favorites, and they are the Oathbound Paladin and the Control Wizard.

It’s hard to kill the paladin in arenas, but the CW is more fragile. Especially when you’re new to the game and haven’t learned the tricks, yet. (Hehe, I learned some nice ones about discovering stealth Trickster Rogues last night).Continue reading

Oathbound Paladin Neverwinter

The Oathbound Paladin is a relatively new class in Neverwinter. And therefore is it OP at the moment.

It rocks!

My paladin, Galit, is pure PvP-breed, but my feats and powers might be a mixture, since I’m new to this. I’m simply sharing my build here to help a friend, who’s completely new to MMORPGs and who wants to create a paladin.Continue reading