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Buy heirlooms NOW

September 22, 2010

First, let’s make one thing clear: The patch, that we are downloading right now, patch 4.0.1 is not Cataclysm.

Nevertheless, there are big changes in this patch: No more ammos, talents tree totally changed, etc. This is why the price of ammos in AH has dropped drastically.

Don’t be tempted to buy lot of them at a cheap price because you expect to sell them at higher price later on. This just won’t happen and you will have no other alternative than vendor them.

One of the big changes that appear on the Public Test Realm (PTR), is that the system of emblems has changed. Emblems of Triumph don’t exist anymore.

Instead, we’ll have the “Justice Points”…

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Gold tip – Don’t use the AH

If your intent on getting to lvl80, save yourself a lot of cash, especially at the later lvl’s by not spending oodles of money in AH on equipment. As soon as you arrive in Northrend, the first series of quests are all about replacing your equipment; that means all the money that you spent on those blue and purple items are now as good as grey! lol

Much better to use equipment found in quests and dungeons.

Happy hunting

P.s.: remember, as soon as you start raiding, you will need different equipment as well!

P.p.s.: I am a weaponsmith 🙂


Fishing – what else?

When you see wreckage near the coastline, float the cursor over it to see if it has a name come up; ‘sailboat wreckage’ for example. If so, fish this ‘pool’ for some serious goodies – the most helpful to level up your fishing being a weatherbeaten journal which can teach the ability ‘find fish’. This shows every pool of fish or wreckage in the minimap area as a yellow dot with details attached.

Pools are the shiny circles seen just off the coast & spawn randomly throughout the world – hover your cursor over them to see which fish you will primarily catch from the pool, but make sure your bobber lands within the circle on the water. Pools typically give you 4-6 catches before they disappear.

As you level up your fishing, you’ll find that you catch more goodies like mithril bound trunk, iron chest & more from the pools – all packed with the likes of potions, cloth, gems & money.

Excerpt from ‘fly fishing’ by TeshR Hartley

Use the AH

My tip is one of common sense rather than genius.

Being short (in more ways than one) of common sense I made the mistake of selling everything I picked up to vendors to get my bags empty in order that I could hurry back to questing. I thought this method saved me valuable time at the auction house and that I would level more quickly.


I couldn’t afford the gear I needed for speedy levelling or indeed a mount when I reached 30.

By investing a small amount of time at the end of each play session checking the current AH price of the items I picked up, I soon learnt the true monetary value of those items. Not just the more obvious ones like cloth and leather, but also items such as citrine and shadow gem. These items have uses in professions that make them desirable to certain players and can attract considerable amounts of income.

I now regularly put items in the auction house for the going rate. PLEASE don’t undercut everyone and drive down the value of the goods you are trying to sell. I usually start my play session at the mailbox where the postman has kindly delivered heaps of gold for things I used to sell for just a few coppers.

Hope this is of some use to someone. I’m sure the rest of you aren’t daft enough to fall into the same trap although in my defense it was before I had access to the “Communal Guild Brain Cell”

Pallywolly The Tall!!

Oh and if you ever need rezzin whisper me as I suffer from a resurrection addiction and simply can’t get enough. (You can delete this bit if you like Nim as I appreciate it’s not really relevant.