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Sigalit and Lehiya – The Undaunted Blood-Elves

Sigalit and Lehiya in The Grim Guzzler

(02/10-2014) – She got it!

You hear?:Β She got it!

Sigalit, Nimrasil’s blood-elf paladin, got it!

β€œIt” is the Dungeons in Challenge Mode, with a medal of gold. The nine dungeons: Temple of the Jade Serpent, Mogu’shan Palace, Gate of the Setting Sun, Scarlet Monastry, Siege of Niuzao Temple, Stormstout Brewery, Shado Pan Monastry, Scarlet Halls and Scholomance exist in Challenge Mode.

The Challenge Mode means that you cannot bypass mobs (except if you use invisibility potion) and that the fights are even tougher than in Heroic. Mobs and boss don’t have any loot because what is important here, is to beat the timer. You have to kill a certain amount of mobs and bosses within a certain time.

If we take, for example, Scarlet Monastry. If you make it in 13:00 or less, you will have a gold medal. If you do it between 13:00 and 22:00, you get a silver medal, and between 22:00 and 45:00 you get bronze. More than that and you get the achievement for having completed the zone.

There are rewards for completing Challenge Modes as Bronze, Silver or Gold. If you get the Challenge mode Silver, you get the rewards for Silver and Bronze. If you get Gold, you get the rewards for Bronze, Silver and Gold.

– The reward for Bronze is the title: The Undaunted. All your characters will get the title. The title will be removed when patch 6.0.2 hits the realms.

– The reward for Silver is the Ancestral Phoenix Egg, which is mailed to you and used to redeem a Phoenix mount. The mount is not account wide

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Lehiya For The Horde!

September 22, 2010


Lehiya, who wasn’t very active when she was Draenei on Blade’s Edge, surely became real active since she moved to Horde on Stormscale.

Yesterday, I was just passing by Stormscale to do some business when I saw someone announcing [For The Horde!]

I never done [For The Horde!] so I thought, “why not?”

To be honest, I tried it once with my Death Knight on Turalyon. There was a [For The Alliance!] going on, so we made a raid group to defend Thrall. We succeed and then, since we were in a raid-group already, we decided to go [For the Horde!]

We downed Wrynn but were wiped at Ironforge.

This time was just a bit different…

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Warriors reopened

After talking about all this thoroughly for quite a while, Nim and I decided to leave <Godless> and go back to our own <Warriors of the North>.

No hard feelings or anything, we still have a good relation to many of the members of <Godless>, but <Warriors> is more like us.

We have reopen for those who are interested, but we will keep it like it was before: A guild that might not be big (that in fact almost certainly never will become big), but with tight relation between members.

A guild in which maturity counts more than gearscore and where you can’t be too noobish not to be… But where you can be too impolite to be.

So the blog of <Warriors> has been reactivated too, this will be where we will keep on writing about the things in <Warriors>.

This blog will continue to exist, because we have chars other places and we do other things that doesn’t fit into the guild’s blog. So… Keep tuned.

Danse Macabre

I had totally forgotten this little movie.

Long time ago, I was working on Ka’luak reputation with Malka and came by this quest, that starts on a boat. You have to kill “sea dogs” (kind of zombies).

This is in relation to a questchain that ends up with you helping a Reef Bull to a Reef Cow.

After I killed the first Sea Dogs, the animation of their death kind of “looped” so they kept on dying. It started with a couple of them and in fact, this happened to all of them.

I could loot them, so no problems here.

It was a real funny bug.

That makes it the third real funny bug I found.

Just to help you recall, here are the 2 other situations in one movie: Bugs or not bugs?

Here is the Danse Macabre.

Another level 80

cartier80.jpg This time, it is my Death Knight on Steamwheedle Cartel (EU), that made it to level 80.

At 23:49 (realm time) the 29th. of august, in Bouldercrag (Storm Peaks).

This is my 9th. level 80.

The 26th. of October 2010, I will have played WoW for 2 years. I think I would like to level up one more to 80 by that time, so I have exactly 10 level 80. Nice round number.

Cartier, as she is called (she is Jewelcrafter, of course) has just joined a Role Playing Guild, Citizens of Lakeshire, and participate for the first time in a role playing.

That is a different way to play WoW and I am a real newbie in this kind of play.

On the plus side is that you are not supposed to use all these SMS-kind of expression, such as “m8” or “u” but are supposed to speak proper English.

On the minus side is that you are supposed to speak proper English and my understanding of “proper English” ain’t no understanding some others got of it, you see?

But I do my best to get into the role and it is fun.

I kind of passed the application test so that means either they are desperate or they have faith.

… I’ll opt for the second possibility.

Steamwheedle Cartel, at least on Alliance side, seems to have many immature players too. So you have the “anal” jokes and other immaturities too. That’s a real pity.

On the positive side: There seems to be less of this kind of people than on Blade’s Edge and you kind of have both ends of the maturity scale there. Either immature and ignored or real nice, polite, helpfull people.

So the positive side of the population really weigths up for the “normal moron” part of population that obviously can’t be avoided in this game.

I believe, if it keeps on going like that, that I will move my characters from Blade’s Edge to Steamwheedle. I think I will start with my shaman.

She got it!

There is this real special mount in Stratholme. I know it sounds noobish, but I have played WoW in soon 2 years and I still didn’t know about it.

Maybe because I am not so found of mounts?

So when I heard people were farming the place just because of it, I checked it out on WoWwik and thought it was a real nice mount so I wanted it.

BlackScorpyo, my Death Knight, went to Stratholme the first time to get the key, then she made 2 tries and whatyaknow?

She got it at her third try πŸ™‚

Nice, ain’t it?

By the way, Blizzard changed the drop rate so it went from 0.02% to 1%.

No reason not to do it, then πŸ™‚ She looks cool on it, doesn’t she?


Officer Meeting

I had my first real officer meeting in <Godless> last night.meeting.jpg

It was scheduled after raid in Dalaran.

It went quite alright in fact… Except from one single thing.

Lycyn, sitting right beside me in the picture used a lot of time complaining. He had problems to concentrate, he said.

No, not because of me!

Because of something else…

If you look closely at the picture, you will notice that my pet is out.

It was the pinguin, Mister Chilly (I use an add on that pull a random pet out) and Mister Chilly found the great idea to stand on the benche and to stare intensivly at Lycyn all the time.

Lycyn had an idea to roast the bird! Poor thing!

Close up picture here (easier to understand why Lycyn had problems to concentrate!):



QuickTime Player.png Now the turn has come to Fendi, Nimrasil’s Death Knight, to turn 80.

It took her a long time to do that, Nim didn’t like to play her Death Knight much, like it didn’t really attract her.

But when she first started to level her up, it went pretty quick.

So she could also boost my Warlock through Scarlet Monastry.

Death Knight are great for dungeon boosts and Fendi enjoyed it a lot, so she might have found a use for her Death Knight.

Fendi is a tailor (of course) and I think her role will stay as tailor, so Fendi will do the necessary dungeons to get recipes of wisp cloack and maybe do the rest of Northrend quests to get the special recipe but after that, I am not sure what Nim will use her Death Knight for.

Maybe a tank? What do you say, Nim?

Of course, after the achievement 80, Fendi went to Dalaran to do the (now) traditional “jumping around Dalaran”.

I only know I was first to do that with my first level 80 (BlackScorpyo, Death Knight) and since I have done that with every single one πŸ™‚

And it like… became tradition for some to do it too. Nim does it, Taegra did it too… Well. It is fun to do and it is great to hit the big 8-o.

Only I was online at 2 AM monday 26th of july (night from sunday to monday) when Fendi hit 80 and in the middle of something, so I couldn’t even be with her when it happened and wasn’t with her when she was jumping in Dalagran.

After the jumping, she took a drink all alone in Legerdemain. Poor her. We’d better do something about it πŸ™‚

Grats on your fourth level 80 Nim.

Here is the movie of the hit 80 and the jumping in Dalaran.

Man Kills His Son in PvP, For His Own Good

PVP-Taunt.jpgEMAILWIRE.COM, July 22, 2010 ) Davenport, Iowa – The story is always the same, if you ask a neighbor they would say the stereotypical reply of, ‘I didn’t think he would do anything like that, he was a member of lions club and a boyscout troop leader.’ But there was a darker side to Iowa native Tom Palmer.

The shift in their relationship started when his son introduced him to online gaming, more specifically World of Warcraft. His son had been playing in a guild for years and was somewhat of a celebrity in certain circles of the warcraft world, having an uncanny ability to dual box in PvP.

Despite his best efforts Tom’s inexperience showed as he was owned over and over again in PvP playing with his son’s guild. This lead to Tom’s son disowning him online. Tom began to become obsessed and started playing in secret and looking for any wow tutorial he could get his hands on.

Some murders are an act of passion, when a person goes on tilt and is run by extreme emotions, but that was not the case here. There was a calculated and precise plan of action set in play with the ultimate goal of destruction being the driving force motivating the effort.

After investing thousands in experimental WoW hardware and cybernetik enhancements to speed his reaction time Tom became a freak of WoW nature. With what some called a telekinetic like ability to control up to 4 players at once he planned the demise of his son.

It was a hot July day 2010 when it happened, everything seemed normal in WoW land, but a dark shadow loomed over the PvP realm of Jaedenar. With precalculated precision the assault occurred, Tom’s son usually unable to be overtaken was completely overwhelmed. When the smoking A,S,D,F keys had cooled all that remained of Tom’s son was an insignia-less corpse able to respawn only at the spirit healer (source:

Feodora is level 80

feo80.jpg For some reason, I was real long at leveling my shaman.

Well… Yes and no.

I wasn’t long to level her from 1 to 80 (11 days), but I was long in pulling myself together to play her.

It took me quite a while to get used to this totem-thingies-kind-of-lego-block-thingy.

But when I first really got caught in it, it went smoothly and quickly and was in fact real fun.

Feodora is my 8th level 80.

6 of them are (still) on Blade’s Edge Europe (Alliance).

1 of them is on Turalyon Europe (Horde)

1 of them is on Stormscale Europe (Horde) – She was Alliance on Blade’s Edge and I moved her and switched faction.

Feodora is Elemental Shaman and only at level 80, I double spec’ed her with healer.

I haven’t try to heal at all with her. I have only healed with my priest (Malka – 80) who is Holy/Disciplin, so I am excited to see how this will work.

From level 40 I really ran through the levels and the phrase I have writtent most often in guild, party or whisper was (and is!):

Shamans rock!

I really think of making a shaman on each realm I am on. I really grown fond of them.

I think that what impresses me most, is their versatility, you can do almost everything with them.

Since we have just started this blog, I thought it was a good idea to start with a new level 80 in the “familly” πŸ™‚

By the way: Did I ever told you that I think that shamans rock?